Letter To The Editor: State Rep. Dodie Horton – Join me in supporting John Fleming for U.S. Senate


Dear Editor,

As State Representative, I stood against multiple tax increases this year. I made a commitment to the residents of Bossier Parish to be a strong voice for my constituents and their conservative values. My voting record shows I did just that, which is important because a person can never escape their voting record. It is the proof of action that reflects the heart of a public servant.

In the state legislature, there seems to be only a handful of members who remained loyal to their conservative platform. And in the U.S. Congress, there seems to be even fewer. However, Congressman John Fleming has been an exception.

I have known Congressman Fleming for a few years, and I remember his campaign. John said he would be a conservative leader. His campaign ads and mailers stated he would stand for tax cuts, the rights of the unborn, the repeal of Obamacare and our Second Amendment gun rights.

Around the nation, many who ran for office said these things; however, when elected, they went back on their promises. John did not – he stood strong.

Congressman Fleming went to Washington and worked to halt D.C’s liberal policies. When Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner started siding with the liberals more than the conservatives, John Fleming co-founded the Freedom Caucus and forced Speaker Boehner to resign.

He has voted against the ridiculous spending bills coming from the Obama administration and is the only person in the Senate race who voted against last year’s omnibus bill – the bill that funded Planned Parenthood, the Syrian refugee program and illegal amnesty. He is also the only person in this race who has successfully passed pro-gun legislation.

I am supporting John Fleming because he has been true to his word. All of the major scorecards show he’s the most conservative member of our Louisiana delegation. In these uncertain times, we cannot take risks on those who solely call themselves conservative. We need someone tested and proven with a voting record to back it up. Even if I had never met John Fleming, he would have still secured my vote because of his solid, conservative voting record.

The election in 2016 is not just about political parties. Our Constitution, values and freedoms are at stake. The appointment of several Supreme Court Justices is imminent. The moral fabric and direction of our country is on the line for future generations.

That is why I ask that you join me in supporting and voting for John Fleming for U.S. Senate. It’s up to us to ensure we do not get another typical politician in this most important seat.

State Representative Dodie Horton
Louisiana House District 9