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Letter to the Editor: State Rep. Henry Burns

Christmas is upon us and the elections are in the books. The last eight years of being the District 9 Louisiana State Representative have been a blessing.  I especially owe thanks to Dodie Horton, my Legislative Assistant, and prayer partner.

My passion has always been helping people.  It was truly a ministry. The greatest testimony for my character is my sweet and loving family. We are so close, but to my surprise, recent events have made us even closer. Family is a gift that only God can bestow.   It filled the voids, the pain and quickly eliminated the disappointment of not winning. Everywhere I have gone, I have been met with hugs, smiles and tears. What a wonderful reception so many of you have given to our family.

Henry Burns
Henry Burns

I encourage you all to put away the distortions of political campaigning and wish the winners God speed. Pray for them. They are now our voices in Baton Rouge. We are at a crossroads and their success is our success. I want them to be the best that this state has ever seen.

Finally, I want to thank all that supported and helped me. Each vote will resonate in my heart as a voice of appreciation and gratitude. Life to me is all about being yourself and building relationships. I was born Henry and Henry I will always be. For it is from God that all blessings flow. My family and I love living in N.W. LA and take pride in being your neighbor and friend. Go Get Em’.

State Rep. Henry Burns
Haughton, LA

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