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Letter: Voters need to find out facts on May 4 property tax vote


I received a piece of unwanted literature from the so-called Building A Better Bossier (PAC). The address said that they were located at 4501 Marlena Street, Bossier City, LA 71111. 

The front of the card states: “He doesn’t want You to vote on May 4th!” I would like to know whom the PAC is referring to when the say “he”. 

On the back side of this card the PAC cites special interests are working behind the scene to put a 40% tax on the ballot. This is percentage is totally misleading and not true. The card further had info printed on it that insisted that this proposition. if passed. would kill jobs and make jobs harder to find. If anything, jobs would be easier to find because business would move here because of our great schools and thriving economy. The good schools and great economy were the reasons my wife and I moved to the Bossier area over 16 years ago.

I personally have taught in and retired from teaching in the public school system in Louisiana. I have taught in five different school systems. Mv wife has also taught in the public school system over 21 years and 15 in Bossier Parish.

Currently, working teachers want a working salary that is competitive to surrounding parishes. Do teachers in Bossier Parish need to leave Bossier Parish to be pid enough to adequately support their families? I once had to drive to other parishes in past years. When not driving. I worked extra like many new and older teachers in Bossier have done, and some still do.

Voters need to check out the lies being spread by the PAC. Also. many voters need to know that Bossier parish teachers haven’t had but one pay raise 5% in 20 years and this came from internal school funds. Teachers spend numerous years in college to become qualified to teach. Why shouldn’t teachers be paid for what they know and what they can teach to the young people in this parish. Our young people will be the leaders of tomorrow. Don’t these young people need a Quality education, so that they too can know what organizations like the PAC are doing to misrepresent the truth and possibly do harm to community growth.

Again, do your own research. Don’t just rely on my word and the literature of the PAC. You as a voter need to find out for yourself.

Glenn Dowden, M.Ed., BSW

Retired educator and Haughton resident

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