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Letter: We wish we could vote for Mark Crouch for Chief of Police


Dear Editor:

To my friends; We proudly call Benton, La. our home town, although we don’t live in the city limits, it’s still our home town, also home to all Tiger Sports. We can’t vote on elective candidates in the city limits, which brings me to my point. I am a firm supporter of our local police. We are in some very troubling times that involve our police force 24/7 protecting and serving the citizens of Benton. 

To me, leadership in the police department has never been more important than it is in these times. On Nov. 3rd, Benton citizens go to the polls to elect a new police chief to replace the retiring chief. We have a very good and qualified friend seeking the position, for whom we wish we could vote for. Mark Crouch is a 30 year resident of Benton with 33 years of law enforcement experience.

 I’ve always found Mark to be a hard working, honest, and a man of his word that would lead by example. I believe he will be the most qualified  person in the race to be your next Benton Chief of Police on Nov. 3rd . Please consider Mark Crouch for Chief of Police on Nov. 3rd . Brenda and I wish we could vote for Mark. We would be proud to do so. 

Buddy and Brenda Keeth


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