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Letter: Why I appreciate America’s veterans

[Ed.’s Note: The following column is the winning essay entry in the essay in the VFW Contest]

What would our world do if we didn’t have veterans? The United States of America wouldn’t exist the way we know it today if it weren’t for our veterans. There are some days when people forget everything they have done for our country. We all, at times, take our own freedom for granted.

Our veterans are all my heros. I’m very appreciative for everything they have done for out country. There are times when I lost sight of all they have done for me. The Pledge of Allegiance should give me chills every time I say it. I should be taking those precious minutes to honor our veterans and America proudly and respectfully.

All of the people living in the United States of America today would not be alive if it weren’t for our wonderful, brave veterans. They are the ones who have given us liberty and freedom. They are the special men and women shaping America and myself into the individuals we are today. They deserve many thanks from the American people, including myself.

Veterans are like a second dad to me in my heart. They do all of the important things, just like a dad would do, to help you. Veterans protect you like a dad. They also guide you through difficult and tough times. They lift you up and give you hope. They work very hard to give us a safe place to live because they are fighting for our country, our land, and our freedom. I may not know every veteran in America, but I respect each one of them and believe they are great people. They are willing to die for each one of us. The value of a veteran is indescribably. There is not enough money in the world to pay them how much they are worth to Americans. The best way to show hem how much they mean to Americans is to shower them with love, honor, and respect.

Veterans are the most valuable superheros in the world. They will always hold a special place in my heart. Our veterans are the best thing that has happened to this world after Christ. All veterans should be treated kindly and respectfully. I salute our incredible veterans.

Jonathan Tauzin

Cope Middle School

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