Linton Road Bridge replacement to be delayed by a year

Linton Road bridge over Cypress Black Bayou. (Stacey Tinsley/Press-Tribune)

Replacement of the Linton Road Bridge will be delayed by a year.

Due to acquiring the needed right a way and relocating utility lines, the replacement of the Linton Road Bridge will end up being replaced in the summer of 2021.

“There’s just a lot to do. We have everything ready, but we just have to get boots on the ground, get that water line relocated and finish acquiring the right a way,” said Bossier Parish Engineer Butch Ford.

Previously reported by the Press-Tribune in November of last year, Ford told police jurors that he was concerned about the timing of the project due to relocating utilities. 

“We are working through some issues. We will know more by the end of December. My best guess at this point is we will not be doing it next year because of utilities,” he told police jurors at the time.

However, Ford stopped shy of being definitive, saying the call would be made this January.

“We are funded for next year and we would like to do it, but we can’t get the utilities relocated,” Ford said at the time.

The issue originally came up when the police jury approved appraisal review services for the Linton Road Bridge over Black Bayou Reservoir project.

Police jurors approved Robert L. Russell, MAI, for appraisal review services for the Linton Road Bridge over Black Bayou Reservoir State Project.

The Linton Road bridge over Black Bayou Reservoir has served lake area residents since the late 1970s. It will be replaced for one with a concrete deck and concrete pilings. 

The new 40-foot bridge will have two 12-foot lanes with 8-foot shoulders on each side. 

The bridge is currently only 28 feet wide.

The $2.6 million project is being funded through the Federal Off System Bridge 

Program, which the parish participates in. The new bridge will be similar to several others in the parish, including the nearby Parks Road bridge.