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Local business owner donates special tool to the Bossier City Fire Dept.


By Stacey Tinsley, stinsley@bossierpress.com

A local business owner has donated a special tool to the Bossier City Fire Department that will save the hands and fingers of residents.

Connie Thurmon, owner of Connie & V. Cross Jewelry in Bossier City, recently donated a special ring removal tool to help local responders and law enforcement better serve the community.

“We wanted to give the fire department a tool that can help them with their job and show them how appreciated they are,” said Thurmon.

She made the donation during a special celebration event held by the Sons of Italy for first responders at Ranchland in Bossier City on Oct. 8. At the event, Thurmon also approximately handed out 275 silicone wedding bands to first responders and law enforcement, which are aimed at preventing injuries to fingers while performing during their line of duty.

“We are grateful for the tool that was donated to us. We’re looking forward to being able to use it to help people,” said Traci Landry, Bossier City Police spokesperson, on behalf of Fire Chief Brad Zagone.

Unlike gold and silver rings that can be cut off with a special saw, titanium, tungsten and cobalt metals are new materials that are being used for wedding bands. Unfortunately, those materials cannot be cut off with the typical saw currently used by first responders.

“You cannot cut titanium, tungsten or cobalt rings off. If you are in an accident, or if your finger has swollen and your ring is stuck, how are you going to get it off? This new tool cracks and breaks the ring off under pressure when cranking the wheel by hand,” said Thurmon.

The new ring removal tool was purchased from Jewelry Innovations by Thurmon.

This is the second year she has given law enforcement and first responders silicon wedding bands. Last year Thurmon gave over 2,200 wedding bands.

Thurmon gives back because she respects and appreciates all of the hard work local law enforcement and first responders do, not only for herself, but for the community. 

“Here in Bossier City, we appreciate our great police and fire department. I have called the police department many times and they are always here (when I need them). They are so good for us,” she said.

Having the support of the local business community also means a lot to first responders.

“The support of the community, especially businesses offering us tools to help us out, means a lot to us. It goes a long way when we get that call and we need to go out, to know that we have the community behind us,” said Landry.

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.


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