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Local resident writes inspirational book about faith, grief, and disappointment

Katherine Gatti

Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune

“Wholehearted Trust: Walking by Faith Through Fear, Grief, and Disappointment” is a book that gives encouragement to trust God through the difficulties of life. Katherine Gatti shares the story of her sister Rebecca, who had special needs and passed away at the age of ten. No matter where you are in your faith, Gatti meets you there in her book. She shows you how God can take your fear and give you peace, take your grief and give you comfort and take your disappointment and give you contentment.

Gatti said “We can not control what happens to us, but we can choose how we live through it, how we respond to it and who we trust through it. Although I never would have asked to learn about the Lord’s faithfulness in such a painful way, I am grateful for how loving and losing my sister has strengthened my faith. I wanted to write a book about trusting God through hard times because we all face hardships and we must choose where to place our trust and fix our focus. I pray Rebecca’s story and this book are an encouragement in showing that it is always worth it to invest in personally knowing God so that you can wholeheartedly trust Him when the storms come.”

Gatti went on to say “When the doctor’s errors led to my sister’s traumatic brain injury, everything I’d hoped for Rebecca’s life was shattered. As my parents grieved and fought to trust God, they showed me how not to lose my faith through hard times and how to persevere instead. Seeing Rebecca suffer during her short life and losing her enforced the truth of eternal life. There is no hope in the midst of grief apart from knowing that in Christ, we have access to eternity with God. My parents set the example of walking by faith and not by sight. This faith in God has carried our family through every trial that has come our way. We are so thankful for the Gospel that gives us life for eternity and hope for today. Because we are in Christ, we know we will have infinitely more time in heaven with Rebecca than we could ever have in this life. We have hope because of Jesus that we will see Rebecca again.”

And if you are wondering whether or not Gatti has plans to write another book, you are in luck.

“I have been writing and dreaming of writing books since I was a little girl. I love encouraging people and pointing them to the truth through writing. And, I plan to write more books in the future,” said Gatti.

Katherine Gatti is a sister, daughter and friend who loves Jesus. She grew up in Bossier City, Louisiana, surrounded by family and rooted in faith. Katherine loves to write in journals, online, and now in books. After graduating from Texas Christian University’s School of Business in 2022, Katherine has remained in Fort Worth, Texas to begin her career in marketing.

Katherine can be found on Facebook at: KatherineGattiAuthor. She can also be found on Instagram at: KatherineGatti. If you would like Katherine to speak at your event, please contact her at: KatherineGatti.com.

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