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Local soccer organization at South Bossier Park attracting international scouts


A local soccer organization honing their skills on fields at the South Bossier Park could see some of its adult amateur players kick their way to the next level of competition.

Bossier Parish Director of Parks and Recreation Warren Saucier said Wednesday international soccer scouts from Mexico and other countries will attend practices at the park Saturday to take a close look and, perhaps, offer tryouts to players.

“Weather permitting, these scouts are planning to watch our adult players and there’s a chance some will be invited for tryouts,” Saucier told members of the Bossier Parish Police Jury. “This is pretty impressive.”

Saucier said the local soccer group consists of adults and youngsters, and the interest of international scouts in players using the local park could mean more participation.

“This group is currently using three fields to accommodate the number of participants,” he said. “If players know scouts are interested in players from our area, more individuals may want to become involved.”

During his Wednesday report, Saucier said the South Bossier facility is also being used by more diverse groups.

“We have rocketeers from local clubs and schools at the park conducting launches and competing at the local level,” he said. “I understand they’re also qualifying for national competitions.”

Saucier said local high school lacrosse teams are using the park’s fields for league play, and 4-H shooting teams are practicing at a designated area.

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