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Sergeant Chris Shaw of Louisiana State Police Troop G has been awarded the 2016 40&8 Law Officer of the Year Award.
Sgt. Shaw began his career with the Louisiana State Police on January 24, 1998.  Prior to being hired, he served in the U.S. Navy, entrusted to maintain and operate a top-secret weapons system.  Sgt. Shaw’s service to his country is a credit to the State of Louisiana and to the Louisiana State Police.
On September 22, 2010, Sgt. Shaw received a promotion from Senior Trooper to Sergeant – the position in which he currently serves.  Sgt. Shaw has continuously performed his duties in a professional manner and in addition to his regular desk duties, he has also served as the Mobile Field Force Supervisor and then as a Field Training Officer Sergeant.  Sgt. Shaw not only served in each of those positions in an exemplary manner, but he also never let those extra duties interfere with his primary duties and responsibilities.
Sgt. Shaw routinely goes out of his way to assist the public – whether he is taking their name and number, finding solutions to their problems and calling them back or making a special trip to conduct a physical inspection or trailer stamp.  His overall work ethic is beyond reproach.  Sgt. Shaw has, on numerous occasions, stayed at the troop beyond his scheduled work hours to finish up an ongoing incident, rather than handing it off to the relieving shift.  He has always kept a positive attitude about his job and about the Louisiana State Police and he projects that attitude upon his subordinates.  Sgt. Shaw has accepted every assignment given him with nothing more than a “yes, sir” and he has never failed in completing those assignments.  He has even anticipated some assignments and had them done before being asked.
Sgt. Shaw’s work ethic represents what we should expect from all Troopers.  His dedication to his profession and his country are reflections of his character and we are not only proud of him, but we are honored to call him our own.

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