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Locals competing for Miss Louisiana title

Thirty-two contestants from all over the state are vying for the title of Miss Louisiana 2016.

The contestants will have a week full of appearances rehearsals before three nights of competition. 
The 2016 Miss Louisiana Pageant will be held Thursday, June 23 – Saturday, June 25 at the Monroe Civic Center’s WL “Jack” Howard Theater. Preliminary competitions will be held on Thursday and Friday evening.

The final night of competition will be aired live state-wide Saturday.

This year’s show will feature Miss Louisiana 2015 and 3rd Runner-Up to Miss America, April Nelson, as well as the Miss Louisiana Band and several former Miss Louisiana’s.  Ed Walsh, Melissa Whitworth, Hope Anderson and Kelsi Crain will emcee.  Also featured will be more than 70 Fleur de Lis Princesses.

If you can’t attend the 2016 Miss Louisiana Pageant at the Monroe Civic Center Theater be sure to watch it live Saturday, June 25 at 8 pm on the following stations: Monroe: KNOE, Ch. 8 (CBS); New Orleans: WUPL, Ch. 54 (WWL-My Network TV); Lafayette/Lake Charles: KATC-CW (CW); Alexandria: KLAX, Ch. 31 (ABC); Baton Rouge: WBTR, Ch. 41 (WBRZ-Inde); Shreveport: KPXJ, Ch. 21 (KTBS-CW); Morgan City-Thibodaux-Houma: KWBJ, Ch. 39 (WB).

The Miss Louisiana Organization will award over $60,000 in cash scholarships this year, with over $1/2 million in cash and in-kind scholarships available.  The Miss Louisiana Organization is part of the Miss America Organization, the number one provider of scholarships for women in the world.


Breanna Collier, Miss Greater Baton Rouge 2016
Breanna Collier, Miss Greater Baton Rouge 2016

Breanna Collier
Miss Greater Baton Rouge 2016
Lives in Bossier City, LA
Daughter of Michael Sr. and Mary Collier
Breanna is a 2016 graduate of Northwestern State University, where she majored in musical theater with a minor in dance. This is her third time competing for the Miss Louisiana title.

Describe your experiences at Miss Louisiana:
 “I competed for the first time as Miss Northwestern Lady of the Bracelet in 2013 and didn’t place or get any awards. I competed again in 2014 as Miss Natchitoches, but didn’t place that year either. I sat out in 2015 and used it as a learning experience. It inspired me to get back in this year and go at the title full force. My motto this year is third time’s the charm.”

What does your evening gown look like?
“I feel like a million bucks in my dress. It was quite a journey to find. I shopped online, went to many boutiques and stores….it went on for months. My family went on vacation to Florida and I told them we had to go shopping. It was the first dress I saw in the first boutique we went to. It fits my personality and stays true to me.”

What is your talent?
“I’m doing something different this year. Usually I do big Broadway hits, but I’m mellowing it down a little bit. I’m going out with my acoustic guitar and will perform “Rise Up.” The first time I heard this song, I knew it was the one I had to sing.”

Goals: “To be able to compete at Miss Louisiana is an honor in itself. There are 32 beautiful, talented, smart girls competing. Winning is definitely a goal. It’s also about the experience and seeing what I learn about myself from the experience.”

What do you want people to remember about you as Miss Greater Baton Rouge 2016?
“I want to be memorable for the kids. I want them to see me as someone they can relate to; not someone they admire from a distance. My personality, my music…it’s definitely for the kids.”

Hannah Teutsch, Miss Bossier City 2016
Hannah Teutsch, Miss Bossier City 2016

Hannah Teutsch

Miss Bossier City 2016
Lives in Haughton, LA
Daughter of Scott and Lisa Teutsch

Hannah attends Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, where she majors in social work. This is her second year competing for the Miss Louisiana title.

How did you do at Miss Louisiana 2015? 
“I didn’t place in the pageant, but I had so much fun. I remember when April (Nelson) won last year. I felt like my sister had won. It’s really about making friendships. I also realized that I’m braver than I ever thought I could be. If I can get on stage in a swimsuit, I can do anything.”

What does your Evening Gown look like?
“It’s black and very elegant. I absolutely love it. The simpler it is, the better it is for me.”

What is your talent?
“My talent song this year was created by my brother, Luke Teutsch. He wrote and recorded it and my boyfriend, Alonso Restrepo, plays the cello in it. Last year at Miss Louisiana, I sang Amazing Grace. This year I’ll be singing “It Is Well.” It’s a song that I have a special connection with. My sister, Jessica, was killed in a car accident in 2009. She was someone I looked up to and was my role model. She would sing this song so it feels like I’m singing with her on stage next to me.”

Goals: “I feel more prepared this year. My personal goal is to win talent. Talent is my favorite. Being in the Top 10 would be even more rewarding.”

What do you want people to remember about you as Miss Bossier City 2016?
“A big part of the Miss Louisiana Organization is service. I want people to see that I was out in the community serving because that is my favorite part. I want to be remembered or known as the person who always tried, was happy to serve and left others with a smile.”

Meagan Crews, Miss Louisiana Jazzland 2016
Meagan Crews, Miss Louisiana Jazzland 2016

Meagan Crews

Miss Louisiana Jazzland 2016
Lives in Bossier City, LA
Daughter of Lee Crews and Susan Christie

Meagan attends LSU-Shreveport, where she majors digital arts with a minor in advertising. This is her first year competing for the Miss Louisiana title.

Meagan was crowned Miss Louisiana’s Outstanding Teen in 2014.
“I feel prepared for the job and know what is required because of my experience as Miss Louisiana’s Outstanding Teen. I do have nerves going into the Miss Louisiana pageant, but it’s an excited energy. I’ve done nothing but prepare, prepare, prepare. I can only go in and hope for the best, but expect nothing. Whatever happens is God’s plan. I still have four years to compete after this.”

What does your Evening Gown look like?
“I am so excited about my evening gown. I’ve never worn white, but when I put it on it just felt right. It’s very elegant. It’s mature, but it’s very me. That’s what I was trying to go for in every aspect of competition.”

What is your talent?
“I will be singing “I Who Have Nothing.” I sang it when I auditioned for The Voice. It’s the first time, on stage, where I feel it’s appropriate. My talent gown is very dramatic and goes well with the song.”

Goals: “When you think about Miss Louisiana and who she is, she is an advocate. She is love. I want to spread that love and be the voice who inspires, empowers and serves. I have a one in 32 chance at winning. It’s important to be supportive of everyone because you never know when it will be your year.”

What do you want people to remember about you as Miss Louisiana Jazzland 2016?
“I want people to know that I have been so proud to represent the Bossier City area. I have thoroughly enjoyed giving back to the community and only hope I can continue to serve when my time is up.”


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    • Hi Laletia. I reached out to the Miss Louisiana Organization and asked for the names of the contestants who are from/lived in Bossier. The contestants profiled this week are the names I was given. We certainly do not want to leave anyone out. If that is the case, I would be more than happy to speak with Ms. Conway. -Amanda

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