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Locals repay Sam’s Club employee for his kindness

A group of Sam’s Club gas station customers showed an employee their appreciation for his kindness and dedication by presenting him with a monetary and clothing donation. (Courtesy photo)

In the iconic Hollywood film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” an angel comes to show an exceptionally compassionate businessman what life would be like if he didn’t exist. It teaches that a life without kindness isn’t a wonderful life at all.

For Bossier resident Ashley Chance, she wanted to bestow upon one Sam’s Club employee that same type of kindness. 

For many years, Chance has filled up her car with gas from the station at the Bossier City Sam’s Club. Every single time she is at the gas station, she is greeted with the warmest “Hello ma’am. How is your day?” from Sam’s Club Employee, Jay. And, once Chance is about to depart the gas station she always sees Jay smiling and hears “Have a wonderful day.”

“Jay lights my day up every time I fill up my car,” said Chance.

As Chance was leaving the gas station on Oct. 16, she felt it upon her heart to bless Jay and his family, and show them how much it means to her and the community that he is always kind and gracious. 

But she couldn’t do it alone.

Knowing how many of her friends, coworkers, and family have been touched by Jay at the same gas station, Chance took to Facebook explaining what was upon her heart and asked for donations.

Almost instantly after sharing her post, Chance started to receive donations.

“The power of social media was overwhelming, I’m still in shock. In just a few short days, people donated over $1,500,” said Chance.

“I seriously could cry at the amount of people that have sent money to bless Jay, like he’s done for all of us for so long. I still am in shock,” she said in a follow up post. “I want this to be about the community showing love, so please come if you want and show your support. I don’t want this to be just me guys, it was a community effort 100%. Love y’all and proud to live in this awesome city we call Home!”

On Oct. 18, Chance and other members of the community gathered at the Sam’s Club gas station at 9 a.m. and presented Jay with coats, blankets and cash.

“I live in the best, most gracious community. We came together and showed a heartwarming gesture for a fellow member of our community,” Chance said. “Jay has been working for Sam’s Club for over 30 years. He oversees the gas pumps at the Sam’s Club Bossier City location. He brightens customer’s days just by being nice.” 

To quote Jay, “It don’t cost nothing to be nice.”

Following the gesture, Jay’s wife Brenda made a comment on behalf of Jay.

“Thank you all for your kindness. Wow! What a surprising gift that was on the 18th from Ashley and the community. Thank you all so much for taking time out of your day to show me kindness in your words and gifts. You all touched my heart deeply. I’m blessed that my job allows me to meet great people like y’all. I have been having some test done so the money will come in handy for doctor bills. My words are not enough to say how thankful and blessed I’m to have met great people like you all. God bless and thank you so much,” said Brenda’s comment on Chance’s Facebook page post.

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