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Looking Back: Icing on the Cake

The Quota International of Shreveport’s Icing on the Cake Competition fundraiser was held at Bossier Parish Community College last weekend.

The following winners were chosen based on their cake designs:


  • Theme: 3rd place – Christine Trites, 2nd Place – Jessie Trites, 1st Kaitlyn Cavallin
  • Buttercream: 2nd place – Ian McPhearson, 1st place – Kat DeIulio
  • Special Occasions: 3rd place – Alecia Eddleman, 2nd place – Melinda Johnson, 1st place – Kaitlyn Cavallin


  • Wedding: 3rd place – Leah McPhearson, 2nd place: Sherri Hodges, 1st place Manddi Briggs
  • Theme: 3rd place – Jamie Grant, 2nd place – Regina Santangelo, 1st place – Wendi Anders Cox
  • Buttercream: 2nd place – Leah McPhearson
  • Special Occasions: 3rd place – Sherri Hodges, 2nd place – Bonnie Roberts, 1st place – Jan Rogers


  • Wedding: 3rd place – Lauren Davis, 2nd place – Bonnie Merchant, 1st place – Jennifer Rodriguez
  • Theme: 3rd place – Deidre Sparks, 2nd place – Melissa Brown, 1st place – Lisa Fitch
  • Special Occasion: 1st place – Bonnie Merchant


  • Wedding: 3rd place – Brenda Luna, 2nd place – Bren Young, 1st place – Victoria McLure
  • Theme: 3rd place – Debbie Richman, 2nd place – Becky Rodriguez, 1st place – Annette Mayeaux
  • Buttercream – 2nd place – Brenda Luna, 1st place – Bren Young
  • Special Occasion – 3rd place – Brenda Luna, 2nd Meghan Trammell-Kelly, 1st place – Jockan Jordon


  • Wedding: 3rd place – Christine Throgmorton, 2nd place – Ryan Coffey and Kim Trahan, 1st place – Tina Chambers
  • Theme: 3rd place – Ruth Rickey, 2nd place – Sylvia Wilson, 1st place – Kerri Morris
  • Buttercream: 1st place – Ryan Coffey
  • Special Occasion: 3rd place – Leah Pierson and Christine Throgmorton, 2nd Ryan Coffey, 1st Fallon Bearb

People’s Choice

Annette Mayeaux

Best of Show Non-professional

Sherri Hodges

Best of Show Professional

Annette Mayeaux

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