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LSBA Recognizes School Board Members for Service


Baton Rouge, Louisiana – January is School Board Member Recognition Month which is celebrated by 69 school districts throughout Louisiana. Approximately 643 school board members across the state will be honored by their schools and communities for their untiring dedication to school governance.

The Louisiana School Boards Association (LSBA) joins with others from around the nation in observance of School Board Recognition Month – a time to salute the work of school board members and celebrate public education.

This year’s theme, “SCHOOL BOARDS MATTER! Navigating to Success” reinforces the unique role school board members play in promoting and advocating for quality education and the ownership they take for governing their local public schools. These individuals not only bear responsibility for an annual budget, students, and buildings but like most elected officials, their work goes far beyond the board room. A school board member’s service begins well before the gavel bangs to open a meeting and continues long after adjournment.

“Louisiana’s school board members play such an instrumental role in promoting and advocating for quality education in our schools and communities. It’s important to recognize the work of these board members, especially in these unprecedented times,” said Dr. Janet Pope, Executive Director of the Louisiana School Boards Association.

Board members are community partners and vital parts of the education ecosystem. Local school boards keep the public in charge of public schools since they represent their community’s beliefs and values.

George Nassar, who serves as President of the Louisiana School Boards Association, believes that the true commitment of a school board member is far-reaching. “It goes way beyond what occurs at board meetings. These individuals work continuously to implement and support effective and safe learning environments for every student.”

On behalf of the Louisiana School Boards Association, we salute our school board members and thank you for all that you do for the students of Louisiana!

For more information on School Board Member Recognition Month, please visit www.lsba.com.

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