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LSU Health Shreveport Chancellor steps down

LSU Health Shreveport

Listed below is a letter from LSU Health Shreveport Chancellor Dr. G.E. Ghali to Louisiana State University President Tom Galligan:

Dear President Galligan:

I have been informed by the LSU Health Shreveport human resources department
that the outside investigation into the Title VII complaints alleging discrimination,
harassment and retaliation, has been concluded which has resulted in my
reinstatement as Chancellor without restrictions. As I initially stated and as
evidenced, the allegations against me were unfounded and absolutely untrue. I
supported, as always, a full and transparent investigative process, including my
placement on administrative leave since April 12, 2021. Since that time, as we
agreed, I have restricted my work to clinical, surgical, and teaching duties at one
of our multiple off-campus sites.

Although the results of these investigations come as no surprise to me or my
family, the unjustified attacks and distractions that we have had to endure for the
past several months has weighed heavily upon me and my loved ones and brought
several issues to light.

First and foremost, it has become evident to me exactly how much quality family
time that I missed while focusing on Chancellor duties on behalf of LSU and our
LSUHS family for the past five and one-half years. With two children in the early
years of high school and two still in middle school, the past couple of months have
reinforced what my first love really is and ought to be, and that is my wife and

Secondly, despite the false attacks levied towards me and my family, the past
couple of months have easily been some of the most enjoyable when it comes to
my focused and uninterrupted interactions with my patients, their families,
clinical/hospital staff, and the residents/students. Many colleagues, patients,
nurses and community members have shared their support and prayers on a daily
basis. The clinical, teaching, and surgical work combined with my surgical overseas
missions are the most satisfying aspects of my life, second only to my family and

Serving as Chancellor of LSUHS since February 1, 2016 is one of my career
highlights. By any objective measure, under my leadership, we achieved
tremendous success in academics, clinical care, and research. As an agent of
change, I had to ensure that goals were established, and people were held
accountable to achieve those goals. This did not always draw favor from everyone
but was always done in the best strategic interest of the university. Today, it is
the right time for me and my family to move forward, devote more quality time
together and for me to also spend more focused time with my patients and

To accomplish these two interrelated goals, I have decided to step down from my
roles as Chancellor and Department Chair at LSUHS, effective immediately. For
nearly three decades, I have placed our university first, often taking precious time
away from my young children and wife. Every decision I have made as Chancellor
over the past five plus years was made with the best interest of my LSUHS family.

This personal decision to step down is no different and does not detract from my
love for LSUHS, its employees, staff, students, and faculty, but rather it places the
needs of my family first.

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