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LSU Health Shreveport offers Johnson & Johnson Vaccine at Benton Middle School today 4PM to 8PM

LSU Health Shreveport

The CEVT Strike Team will be providing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at Benton Middle School to all eligible Louisiana residents. The large-scale COVID-19 vaccine distribution site will be offering vaccinations to the community from 4PM to 8PM, April 6th. LSU Health Shreveport is offering this after-hours vaccine clinic to better accommodate working individuals.

To date, LSU Health Shreveport has administered over 56,000 vaccines without incident. Individuals should provide ID and insurance information when they arrive to the drive-thru site for vaccination. Those that meet all other qualifications, but are without insurance are still eligible to receive the vaccine. While pre-registration is preferred and encouraged, it is not required to receive a vaccine. To preregister, go to the LSU Health Shreveport website at www.lsuhs.edu. Re-registration is not required for second doses at any site. You do not need an appointment to get the vaccine.

In the case of any delay in receiving the second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, the effectiveness of the vaccine is not reduced.

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