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LSU Shreveport Certified User: Artist Course Leading to Unity Certification


Local professionals leveled up their job skills by earning Level 1 Unity Certifications after completing LSUS Continuing Education’s AR/VR/ Unity Certified User: Artist prep-course. Approximately 80% of the first cohort passed the certification exam, demonstrating knowledge that includes managing the basic aspects of dealing with art assets, scene content design, and using tools within Unity to assist in experience creation.

“We are always looking to create a meaningful way to set our learners up to be successful in careers and life; by providing cutting-edge training in the AR/VR Academy, we are giving them the pathway to access multiple different opportunities in the 21st Century digital economy,” Vice Chancellor of Strategic Initiatives Dr. Julie Lessiter said.

This competency-based learning experience prepares local learners to succeed in an evolving economy and workforce. In addition to creating video games, the Unity platform is used to develop virtual, augmented, and mixed reality environments utilized in many industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, safety training as well as video-game development. Unity certifications are highly sought-after certifications in the various industries with the growing movement to immersive learning, living, and selling. The short certification course enabled learners at different career stages the flexibility to level up their job skills within weeks rather than going back to school full-time.

“The Unity training allowed me to go from novice to knowledgeable about the software in just a short amount of time,” said Allen Garcie, LSUS Associate professor of Digital Arts. “The experience also helped me get certified and taught me the essentials needed to effectively prepare for teaching Unity fundamentals in my classes.”

The cohort learning environment provided support for learners to achieve certifications by encouraging engagement and collaborative interaction. This connection allowed participants to network with local industries and employers as they worked towards validating technical skills and expertise as developers by earning Level 1 Unity Certifications.

“As a small business owner, I like to have an understanding of all the technologies available in the industry,” said Luke Lee of River City Streaming. “LSUS’s Unity certification prep-course gave me that foundation. There was also an added benefit of connecting with other industry professionals at all stages of their career.”

Participants who earned the Level 1 Unity Certifications can continue learning by earning additional Unity platform certifications. “From this cohort, we will refine our program and continue to build additional training,” said Dr. Lessiter.

Learners interested in more information about the Unity Certified User: Artist Certification course can fill out the Request for Information form online at ONLINE Unity AR/VR Course or call 318-797-5311.

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