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LSUS Partners with Alumnus, George Foreman Jr., to Host Esports Winter Invitational


LSU Shreveport and The Culture Equity are partnering to host a largescale esports event. The LSUS Culture Gaming Winter Invitational will be held virtually December 4th and 5th, 2021.

The public is invited to register and participate online in this free tournament. Teams and individual players will compete in League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League for cash prizes of up to $1,500. Spectators are welcome to watch via LSUS’s Twitch channel, twitch.tv/lsusesports.

Culture Equity is excited about collaborating with LSUS and providing an opportunity for northwest Louisiana to shine in the digital arena. The pair hope to inspire more events like this in the area with similar goals for the growth of the workforce and industry.

“As an LSUS alumnus, I am personally vested in the strategic partnership between The Culture Equity and LSU Shreveport,” Chief Strategic Officer of The Culture Equity, George Foreman, Jr. said. “Through this partnership, we are creating programming and experiences for the Ark-La-Tex region that demonstrate what’s next in education, innovation, esports, and technology.

We are launching our partnership with the LSUS Culture Gaming Winter Invitational which was created to ensure all students can participate in high-level esports competitions free of cost. Unfortunately, many students are unable to experience esports either due to cost and or not having access to technology. With our tournament teams, schools, individuals, and community organizations can not only participate in a competitive esports tournament but walk away with cash prizes.”

The LSUS leadership team looks forward to the tournament and its ability to highlight technology and its necessity in the next generation’s career space.

“Our mission is to expose students in this region to gaming concepts to provide a gateway into careers associated with digital media,” LSUS Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives, Dr. Julie Lessiter, said. “Whether it’s video game technology, simulation, Unity 3D, development or any other ancillary jobs that exist in this industry, we can’t overstate the importance of normalizing the utilization of technology to spark innovation and creativity in the next generation.”

Interested participants can register here. Follow the LSUS social media accounts and Twitch channel for the latest tournament information.

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