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LSUS welcomes Director of Student Success Center

Courtesy Photo | Correll Hammond is now serving as the director of the new Student Success Center.

LSU Shreveport is excited and pleased to announce that Correll Hammond is now serving as the director of the new Student Success Center.


The Student Success Center was created as an expansion of services in order to ensure that all students at LSUS have the opportunity to succeed.  The Center will coordinate with already existing efforts to provide academic success programs that support progress towards graduation and enrich the student experience at LSUS.


Hammond started April 11 and is ambitious about what the Center will be offering to students in the upcoming summer and fall semesters.


He received an M.S. degree in college student personnel from the University of Dayton in Ohio. His experience and knowledge as a communicator, strategist, and collaborator will aid him in his efforts to create and maintain a thriving learning environment for students to grow personally and academically.

“Our goal is to provide holistic support for student success. Holistic means not only tutoring, which will be a big piece, but academic coaching and working with Career Services for students’ career development,” Hammond said. “Eventually we will have supplemental instruction where tutors will attend certain classes, take thorough notes, and conduct group study sessions with the students in those classes who are struggling with the content. We will be able to help students be more successful in their classes with this kind of offering.”


His past accomplishments from previous work at universities include comprehensive experience in administering university programs and services which are designed to assist students in defining, clarifying, and achieving their educational goals, as well as focusing on each student’s personal, interpersonal, intellectual, and physical development.


Leadership in building solid academic programs with a student centered philosophy, and maintaining a superior learning environment which supports high quality education and community engagement is an achievement he will bring to the Center on campus.


Hammond is planning on having the Center up and running by early May, perhaps the week following Finals week.


“We want to create a strong tutoring program for the students at LSUS, specifically focused on math, statistics, and English,” Hammond said. “Those are my first priorities because those are in the general areas where students struggle. In the fall we’ll have face-to-face tutoring, group tutoring, and online tutoring, which will be nationally accredited by the College of Reading and Learning Association.”


The Student Success Center is located in room 103 of the Business, Education, and Human Development building.

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