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Making spirits bright

Haughton couple spreads Christmas cheer year-round

Bob and Beth Collins are in the business of making people happy.

It’s easy to see why, too. Their red suits, white hair and jolly personalities have made this Haughton couple well-known in the community.

“Three hundred and sixty five days of the year, I am Santa,” Bob Collins said.

Bob and Beth Collins are known as Santa Bob and Mrs. Beth Claus, The Professional Magic Couple. They are seen this time of year wearing their traditional Christmas attire, made by a prominent costume designer in Hollywood, CA. However, they have an entire closet full of Santa-themed clothes. Turns out Santa has outfits to match just about any season, Bob joked.

Beth said seeing children smile is what brings the most joy to her life.

“This is how we live our life,” she said. “Anyone that sees Bob and I together can see we are the real deal.”

The Bossier Press-Tribune reached out to Bossier Schools to find out what questions students had for Santa. The following is a Q&A with Santa (Bob Collins).

Question: Meredith Beebe’s kindergarten class at Apollo Elementary asks: Where did Santa get his reindeer? Did he get them from the zoo or a Pet Store? How does he take care of them?

Answer: The reindeer come from a zoo. The elves feed and take care of the reindeer. The reindeer only work one night a year so they spend the rest of the time resting.

Q: Mrs. Altimus’ kindergarten class at Bellaire Elementary asks: Why do you give toys to children?

A: I enjoy giving toys to good boys and girls, and I love the smiles that appear on your face and every child’s face when I make them happy.

Q: Jennifer Bayne’s kindergarten class at Benton Elementary asks: How come, when we ride the Polar Express, it doesn’t take very long to get to the North Pole; and why isn’t there any snow or ice there?

A: The real Polar Express does go through Snow and Ice to get to the North Pole. It’s magic that allows the Polar Express to arrive at the north pole in such a short time.

Q: Mrs. Hudnall’s kindergarten class at Carrie Martin Elementary asks: How tired are you after traveling around the entire world on Christmas Eve?

A: That’s something not even Santa Claus can remember exactly. Once when I was setting in my favorite rocking chair in front of the fireplace in my house at the North Pole, I begin to count how many Christmases I could remember. But when I got some place around 364, I fell asleep.

Q: Mrs. Bernard’s kindergarten class at Kingston Elementary asks: How did Santa come to life? How does Santa’s reindeer fly?

A: Christmas Magic makes the reindeer fly, but only on Christmas Eve. A long time ago the elves and I discovered magical oats and corn. When the reindeer ate the oats and corn they started to leap and fly high into the air. I come to life through the Magic of Christmas. If every boy and girl were to close their eyes, and say out loud, “I Believe in Santa Claus!” 5 to 10 times, then the Magic of Christmas grows stronger and stronger. You must say it from the HEART and you must really mean it…..for if you do…..you will share some of the Magic that is all around you.

Q: Mrs. Malley’s kindergarten class at Legacy Elementary asks: Santa, how do you fit ALL the presents in one bag?

A: Santa’s Magic Christmas bag holds exactly one more gift than needed for all the people in the world.

Q: Pamela Booker’s kindergarten class at Legacy Elementary asks: Santa, how do you deliver all of the toys in one night?

A: Santa gets around a lot of ways. Of course, I have the sleigh drawn by a great team of reindeer, but I also have a sled and a team of dogs, a red jeep,an airplane, a snowmobile, and a helicopter. Plus I get lots of special rides on trains, planes, fire engines and even hot air balloons.

Q: Jackie Hines’ kindergarten class at Plantation Park Elementary asks: Why do you have a sleigh instead of an airplane?

A: Santa Claus uses whatever means of transportation is best suited to the weather conditions and the purpose of my traveling.

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