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Man Donates Father’s Military Trumpets to Parkway Band


Parkway High School Band already had plenty to toot its horn about. Now, it has six reasons more.

Parkway alumnus Jeffrey Weaver, Sr. (pictured in white) reached out with a jaw-dropping offer. He wanted to donate his late father’s half-dozen trumpets to the Pride of Pantherland Band.

Making the donation especially significant was the elder Weaver was a career musician in the military, serving 25 years in both the U.S. Navy Band and U.S. Air Force Band. He acquired and played the custom-made instruments during his stint in the service, one dating back to 1956.

Weaver could have easily sold them for a lot of money, but chose to put them in the hands of youth to foster their love of music. He presented the trumpets to the Pride of Pantherland Band at a school ceremony, where student musicians put on a patriotic performance as a tribute to his late father’s service.

Parkway Band Director Mark Minton was awestruck by the history and craftsmanship of the trumpets and promised to invite Weaver back for a performance next school year when the instruments are in use.

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