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Mark Hudson reflects on career as City Engineer

Mark Hudson

Longtime Bossier City Engineer Mark Hudson retired from the position July 2. He turned over the job to Manchac Group’s Ben Rauschenbach. Manchac began managing Bossier City’s water and sewer department in 2016.   

In March of 1989 Hudson walked into Bossier City hall to receive help regarding survey data from then Bossier City engineer Sammie Craft. Before leaving Craft asked Hudson if he knew any young engineers that would like to come work for the city to send them his way.

“After he asked me if I knew anyone who would be interested in working for the city, I looked at him and said ‘Here I am’, Hudson said. “That’s how it all started. That’s how my career with the city began 31 years ago.”

When Hudson started working for Bossier City 31 years ago, he thought it was going to be a temporary position. 

“ I appreciate Mr. Craft hiring me. It’s just turned into a wonderful career. I’m very fortunate and thankful that it all worked out the way it did,” said Hudson.

During his career with Bossier City, Hudson has worked in many departments. First as Assistant City Engineer. Then he ran the Department of Public Works. After that, Hudson moved departments again and ran the Utilities Department, before finally settling into his final position back at the Bossier City Engineering Department.

“It was a great experience to work in those other departments. I was able to get a little taste of all of it. It was a ton of fun, and [I] got to be involved in so many projects. It was really never a dull moment,” said Hudson.

Some projects that will always stick with Hudson are the completion of the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway, Benton Road overpass project, Swan Lake Drive from I-220 to I-20, North Bossier park, the Louisiana Boardwalk and CenturyLink Center. 

“I can’t tell you how lucky I was to be here at the right place at the right time. I was lucky enough to be involved with a pretty good expansion of Bossier City,” Hudson said.

“I’m blessed. I had two great bosses — George Dement and Lo Walker. [They are] wonderful guys that I consider good friends and have enjoyed working with them, as well as all the other department heads.”

“It was a wonderful career. But it’s time for me to move on and hand it off to a younger guy. Ben is going to be our new City Engineer and he’s going to do a fine job,” he added.

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