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Mayor Chandler’s Full Statement Regarding SporTran Route in South Bossier


Yesterday’s announcement by SporTran of the approval of a new bus route in South Bossier
came as a surprise to myself and my administration. We were not provided with any proposal
for the approval of the route. Neither my administration nor the city council have approved any
such new route. It is also my understanding that Louisiana Department of Transpiration and
Development was not consulted before SporTran placed signs along the alleged new route
which includes at least one state highway.

Pursuant to a written agreement with SportTran, Bossier City must approve new routes and this
approval must come from the city council and the administration. While SporTran announced
that bus rides will be free to riders for the next two years under a federal grant, it is unknown
what this new proposed route will cost the taxpayers of Bossier City. Based on prior
agreements, SportTran is already paid more than one million dollars per year by Bossier City for
bus service. We have not been provided with any information regarding the cost to the city in
2022 or any future cost after the federal money expires.

Let me make it clear, I am not against SporTran routes as Bossier City has collaborated with
SporTran for many years to provide public transpiration to citizens who live and work in
Bossier City. I am, however, concerned that frequent stops by buses could further congest our
already busy roads. Most importantly, I am extremely concerned that taxpayer funds could be
obligated without approval by the council and without being included in the city budget. Any
new route and associated stops most obtain pre approval from the Bossier City Council and any
other permitting agency. SporTran was notified that the newly elected District 1 council
member would need to be included any conversation regarding any new south Bossier route.
However, SporTran announced the route before Councilman Brian Hammons was even sworn
into office.

Bossier City must be provided with documentation that other government agencies and
stakeholders have been consulted and have approved any such route or stops. Unfortunately,
we were provided with none of that information before SporTran made their surprise
announcement yesterday. We look forward to working with SporTran and the other agencies to
resolve this issue as expeditiously as possible. We will provide more information as it becomes

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