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McCormick announces candidacy for Louisiana House District 1

Danny McCormick and his wife Susan. (Courtesy photo)

Local activist and long-time business owner, Danny McCormick, has announced his candidacy for Louisiana State Representative District 1.  This seat is currently held by State Rep. Jim Morris, who is term limited. The election will be held on October 12, 2019.

In his announcement video, McCormick references his candidacy, saying, “to serve in this capacity would be an honor. I think it is quite clear we share an investment in and a love for our community, and want our voices to be heard. It’s time that we the people take a stand together.”

Danny McCormick, and his wife, their two children and spouses, and their grandchildren. (Courtesy photo)

Danny has been married to his wife, Susan, for 35 years. They have 2 children and 5 grandchildren, all of whom live in District 1. He is also the founder of Caddo Parish Alliance and Caddo Lake’s Last stand. Both organizations are used to lead a strong grassroots movement across Bossier Parish, Caddo Parish, and parts of East Texas, while stressing the importance of protecting our freedoms and prosperity. 

“Susan and I have been so humbled by the outpouring of support from across the district. I pledge to be a voice for the people. I alone can’t change anything, but if we stand together as a community, WE can change everything,” said Danny.

Last week, the McCormick Campaign conducted a scientific poll through JMC Analytics asking, “If the election for State Representative were held today, which candidate would you support?” It yielded the following results: McCormick 28%, Liles 13%, Undecided 59%.

JMC summarized, “When looking at the detailed data, McCormick leads across the board with nearly every demographic subgroup.”

You can learn more at www.voteformccormick.com and www.facebook.com/McCormick4LA.

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