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McCormick lays out legislative priorities for session

Danny McCormick and his wife Susan. (Courtesy photo)

With the 2021 regular legislative session set to begin on April 12, 2021 (and with this year’s legislative session slated to last just slightly over two months), the Bossier Press-Tribune staff has reached out to all Bossier Parish state legislators in order to ask what their plans are for the upcoming legislative session. And, what bills do they plan to file leading up to the regular legislative session? For the next few weeks, the Bossier Press-Tribune will publish our legislators’ answers to this question, as well as their additional comments, as part of our series on the upcoming legislative session.

Following District 36 Louisiana State Senator Robert Mills’s remarks from last week. This week we hear from District 1 Louisiana House Representative Danny McCormick.

The Bossier Press-Tribune asked what his plans are for this year’s legislative session, and what bills he plans to file?
Representative McCormick began his comments with, “I look forward to returning to Baton Rouge in April. Each session is an opportunity to restore freedom and return funds back to the people of Louisiana.”

Representative McCormick went onto say, “I am introducing several pieces of legislation including HB16, better known as “Constitutional Carry”. Your 2nd Amendment rights belong to you, not the government. Louisiana is already an open carry state, meaning that law abiding citizens are able to legally open carry their firearm in most places. HB16 has already garnered over 30 co-authors and will provide those same law-abiding citizens the right to carry their weapon concealed, without a permit or fees, within the borders of Louisiana. This legislation also leaves the OPTION of a concealed handgun license in place for those who wish to seek reciprocity with other states.”

Representative McCormick also said, “I have an additional piece of legislation in draft that will protect our Religious Liberties. This is particularly important because pastors (or attendees) should never be punished for having church. We possess a constitutional right that must be clearly defined during these unprecedented times.” 

As he continued, Representative McCormick also wants his constituents to know: “HB103 was filed in an effort to discourage mandatory vaccines. I do not support vaccine passports or mandates. Without exception, I believe your body is your private property and no one should be forced to inject something into their body against their will, or be discriminated against while attempting to live a normal life or earn a living.”

Representative McCormick concluded by saying, “Other key bills include my Fossil Fuel Sanctuary State bill because it is important that we begin taking a stand against the federal government’s overreach as they attempt to destroy the Fossil Fuel industry, which is vital to our Louisiana communities. Also, I am co-authoring Rep. Amedee’s bill that will prevent biological males from playing women’s sports in Louisiana. We cannot allow women’s sports to be destroyed by the radical left.” 

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