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More growth expected

Construction is underway on the road leading to the new Kroger shopping development in Bossier City. Resdients can expect more development according to experts.

More retail, jobs, people will be locating in Bossier

Bossier’s growth spurt is far from over.

Factors including population and demographics continue to drive in new businesses to the area. Rocky Rockett, Executive Director and President of the Greater Bossier Economic Development Foundation, said the Kroger Marketplace development, to be located on Airline Drive between Wal-Mart and Home Depot, will bring in other businesses associated with the store that “will result in dining opportunities and other things like that.”

However, he could not release specific details on what those incoming businesses will be. Instead, Rockett said there’s a good chance of seeing new development announcements within “six months to a year.”

“I think you’ll see continuations of additional restaurants and some retail stores that go along with developments that have come along,” Rockett explained. “A lot of businesses see great opportunity here. Our population has been documented as growing and the traffic flows look positive. I think you will continue to see some very recognizable and exciting opportunities that are born out of these developments in the next year to 18 months that will show that Bossier is a community that is still very much on the grow.”

Lisa Johnson, President and CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce, said growth usually differs based on several key factors.

“Sometimes with growth, you’ll see neighborhoods and residential populations grow first and become very dense then the businesses will come in to capitalize on that,” she explained. “We’re seeing that in the outlying areas and in the central part of the city with the Kroger Marketplace development coming in.”

Although growth is not particularly a bad thing, it does have its challenges and opportunities. The good thing about Bossier, Johnson said, is that people are willing to adapt to change.

“With growth comes change,” she said. “It might mean that we have to change some of our habits of how we travel, when we travel, when we like to go shopping. We will adapt and we will find those ways that are comfortable to each of us personally to get around the city. We are a progressive city and willing to move forward. We look forward to growth and change routine as needed.”

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce is excited to see growth because it means more community partnerships, Johnson said.

“This is a great opportunity for businesses to come together and network with one another, whether they are a small, medium or large business,” she said. “It requires all of us and as a Chamber of Commerce perspective, we want to be the connector that brings everyone together so we can learn from each other, exchange business cards, help each others bottom line grow, but also share the challenges collectively to improve our business climate.”

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