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New Chamber website helps families better examine, settle in Bossier

Ready to make your move?

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce has launched a website that showcases everything Bossier has to offer at the click of a button. “Move to Bossier” was designed to be a detailed relocation and recruitment resource available at your fingertips.

While it looks simple at a glance, the website is comprised of many components, each highlighting the quality of life Bossier has to offer. The five categories – Move, Live, Learn, Work, Play – on the homepage are simply a portal to pages of helpful information.

The site was developed by the Bossier Chamber to meet the needs of companies looking to invest in the region by providing assistance in the recruitment and relocation of employees.  The site displays a comprehensive look at life in Bossier, featuring aspects from work to play, learning and living, users will have an interactive tool to help guide them when making decisions on relocating.

“One of the most worrisome tasks parents face is finding the right place for their children to go to school,” Monique Roux, Director of Business Development and Military Relations for the Bossier Chamber, said. “We have developed a website that takes all of those worries and fears away.”

“Move to Bossier” also serves to strengthen economic partnerships and develop community connections by linking past and future residents of the region to high paying, high tech jobs in Bossier City.

Ginger Collier, Director of Communications for the Bossier Chamber, said the website works as a twofold, one to attract new businesses and major companies to the area and also as an extension to the Chamber’s Alumni Initiative. One goal is to bring graduates back to Bossier and keep future grads local.

“A lot of people assume they have to go to a bigger city, like Dallas or New Orleans, to get a job,” Collier said. “However, this area has really taken off. Bossier has adapted to new ways of life and has grown with the times. We actually do have a lot to offer right here at home.”

Applying for jobs is easier now, too, with a Get Connected portal. Job seekers can upload their resume directly to the “Move To Bossier” website, sending their qualifications straight into the hands of employers.

Collier said they invite local businesses to check out the website and to share it on their own websites and social media pages to spread the word that Bossier is moving on up. To get a complete look at the website and to learn more about Bossier Parish, visit www.movetobossier.com.

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