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Mudbugs GM talks leadership with BCPD

Substitute Bossier City Police Chief, Chris Estess, introduces Mudbugs Hockey General Manager Scott Muscutt at the start of a seminar on leadership and team building to BCPD's personnel on Oct. 29. (Stacey Tinsley)

Scott Muscutt, Mudbugs Hockey General Manager (and former coach), was the leader of a seminar on leadership and team building held for Bossier City Police Department (BCPD) personnel on Friday, Oct. 28.

Muscutt was invited by Bossier City substitute police chief, Chris Estess, who says he has heard Muscutt speak on two other occasions. As such, he saw value in what Muscutt had to say and thought it would bring value to the BCPD.

“Today we are doing leadership training and team building with coach Scott. I was fortunate to hear him speak on two previous occasions. As such, I both took a lot of value and saw a lot of value in what he had to say and how we could implement those things in our organization,” said Estess.

Estess also noted that in his nearly two and a half decades with the Bossier City Police Department, they had never had any leadership training of this kind (other than their own leadership).

Muscutt’s message during the seminar included such words as culture, character and choice.

“We just want to come together and recognize the parallels between successful teams. It doesn’t matter, whether it’s on the ice or in the police department. In the end, you seek the results. In order to have results, we create cultures to get those results. Cultures are made up by character. And, character is made by choices. So, we’re here today to talk about what choices we can make so that we can come together to make our teams better. We are also here today not just win championships, but make the city safer,” Muscutt said.

“If you can get one person to do a good job, it makes a difference, if you can get two people doing a good job, it makes a bigger difference. But if you can get a whole team brought in, understanding that they are all responsible for the results that you seek, then the chances of you being successful go up exponentially. And, that’s kinda what we’re here to do in making sure everybody understands they are a part of the solution. This is a great group to work with already because they have already found a ton of tremendous solutions. We’re just making that step from good to great,” Muscutt added.

Muscutt also noted that Friday’s seminar was the first day of a three day seminar workshop.

“Today is the first day. It’s two sessions a day, one day a month, for three months,” said Muscutt.

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