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Neighborhood Grocery Celebrates 100 Years of doing business in Bossier City

Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune

Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce hosted a 100 year ribbon cutting celebration/ceremony for one of Bossier City’s most beloved businesses, Maggio’s Grocery, on Tuesday, April 25, 2023.
The Maggios are also one of Bossier City’s most beloved families, as well.

“For more than 50 years, my family’s business was located just a few blocks away from Maggio’s Grocery. Generations of Chandlers have bought groceries, delicious food and cold “Icees” from generations of Maggios. I am proud to call the Maggios my friends and I am proud of their continued commitment to the Cumberland Neighborhood and to all of Bossier City. Congratulations to Vince and Sharon Maggio (and the entire Maggio family) on 100 years in business,” said Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler..

Maggio Grocery has grown over the past 100 years, but the passion for the store has remained the same through three generations. Current owner Vince Maggio and the Maggio family would like to thank Bossier City and the entire community for Maggio Grocery’s long- standing success.

“We are glad to celebrate this monumental milestone of 100 years for Maggio’s Grocery. ” said Lisa Johnson, President/CEO of the Bossier Chamber of Commerce. “We are extremely lucky in Bossier to have multiple families who have businesses that have been the backbone of our local economy (and their neighborhoods), like Maggio Grocery, for generations!”

Third-generation owner Vince Maggio and his wife Sharon took over the store in 1985.

“I was born in the store, lived in the store, and have spent most of my life taking care of our customers. It is hard work, but you have to love what you do,” said Vince Maggio.

Fairly new to America, but no strangers to hard work, Sam and Mary Maggio bought the store in 1923 and moved their family into the brick home behind it. They had three sons, Vincent, Joe, and Charlie Maggio.

“Maggio’s is a great American business. It has withstood wars, economic disaster and a global pandemic. And, their century of service to the Bossier community is a testament to the strong foundation the Maggio family is built upon. I hope the next 100 years are just as prosperous,” said U.S. Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04) of Bossier City.

Fueled by a strong Italian family work ethic and an honest commitment to local customers, Maggio Grocery has survived the Great Depression, economic ups and downs, the COVID-19 shutdown, big-box stores and internet shopping.

“You can’t find better people than Vince and Sharon Maggio. Their hearts are guided by their love of Jesus Christ. And, this reflects onto the people they interact with, regardless of their social or economic status. All are treated with respect and dignity and that is why their customers continue to do business with them,” said Vicky Whitman, owner of Fresh to Geaux in Bossier City.

Vince Maggio was brought up to respect and help his community. And for him, that begins and ends with Bossier City. In addition to spending six to seven days a week at Maggio Grocery, Vince co-founded Cumberland Farms with his longtime friend, Pastor Mark Rodie. Cumberland Farms is a community garden and outreach ministry for the people of the neighborhood surrounding Maggio Grocery. At Cumberland Farms, neighborhood kids learn to garden and plant flowers. And, they get to bring fresh produce back to their families. Maggio Grocery is located at 401 Thompson Street in Bossier City.

Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune
Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune
Stacey Tinsley, Bossier Press-Tribune
Randy Brown, Bossier Press-Tribune (Left to Right): Kathy French, Vince Maggio, Lisa Allen, Judge Tommy Wilson and Carl Roussel.
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