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NetMedNow Delivers Affordable Medical Care Online 24/7

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Low-cost subscription service promises a board certified doctor with no additional consult fee ever

SHREVEPORT, LA – NetMedNow offers subscription-based medical treatment to an entire household from any mobile device 24/7 for one low monthly fee. This service allows patients to avoid sick waiting rooms and time missed from work or school, as well as the high costs of a standard doctor visit.

NetMedNow subscriptions offer two benefit packages from which to choose, the basic plan at a cost of $12.95 total per month to cover an entire household. This is the only telemedicine company that does not charge an additional consultation fee each time the service is utilized. The patient fills out an online profile for each person in the household and can choose to allow the online doctor to forward treatment information to the patient’s regular physician so records will always be complete.

NetMedNow physicians must be U.S. board certified in internal medicine, pediatrics, family, or emergency medicine. They also have to meet the standards of having state licensing in good standing, at least five years of work, verification through the National Physician Data Base (NPDB) and the American Medical Association (AMA) for medical licensure, training and education, work history and malpractice history.

In an article on August 2, 2015i, The Wall Street Journal quoted Dr. Richard Boxer, the chief telehealth officer of Pager and chief medical officer of Well Via. “Americans are struggling to obtain affordable, convenient care…” Boxer states. ” Yet the country is dependent on expensive, brick-and-mortar facilities that require time-consuming travel.” He concludes, ” There is no scenario for sustaining or improving health care in America without telemedicine. State and federal governments, as well as the medical establishment, should embrace the technology.”

Shreveport’s Burke & Burke Insurance Marketing, Inc. has brought telemedicine to the Shreveport/Bossier area as well as across the nation. Established in 1989 by Stanley “Chip” Burke and Eleanor “Elli” Blaylock, the family-owned company is recognized as one of the most outstanding employee benefit brokerage firms in the Shreveport-Bossier City Area. Chip and Elli hold the designations of LUTCF, Life Underwriter Training Council Fellowship; RHU, Registered Health Under-writer; and REBC, Registered Employee Benefits Consultant. The REBC curriculum is an extensive and comprehensive course that covers legislation, underwriting, product lines, suitability, and accountability for all facets of employee benefits for all types of employers and businesses.

To find out more information about NetMedNow or to purchase a subscription, go to www.netmednow.com or call (318) 507-9814.

(Not available in FL, KS, UT, VT and WA.)

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