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New Bossier High program helps students ‘WIN’

Principals from Bossier parish schools took a field trip to Bossier High School last week to observe WIN Wednesday. WIN block, or “Whatever I Need,” is an enrichment block for students to get additional help in whatever subject they need help with. It was implemented seven weeks ago and the school is already seeing positive results.
Amanda Simmons

There’s something happening at Bossier High School that’s catching the attention of other schools around the parish.

Once a week, students have the opportunity to attend an enrichment block to get additional help in whatever subject they need help with. It’s called WIN block, or “Whatever I Need.”

Principal David Thrash implemented the concept seven weeks ago and it’s already working. Senior Alyssa Broadway is using WIN block for help with AP English IV.

“We go over questions to help us prepare for the AP exam,” Broadway explained. “I’m getting a sense of how to prepare for the questions and building my analytical and comprehension skills. It has given me a better understanding in all of my classes, not just English. It’s been really beneficial.”

She has also seen an improvement in her ACT test score. She was in the low 20s taking the practice exam. However, she earned an overall 28 in English and 26 in Reading in October.

Success stories like this are what Bossier Superintendent Scott Smith is excited about. He believes strongly in the strength of PLCs, which stands for Professional Learning Communities.

“It’s all about collaboration,” Smith said. “It’s important that we know what each school is doing so we can all move forward. When we have the same goal, we know we can reach it with positive results.”

All Bossier Parish principals recently took a field trip to Bossier High School and witnessed WIN Wednesday in action. Sandrina Isebaert, Principal at Plain Dealing High/Middle School, said she could see something like this implemented successfully in her school.

“I think it’s a great idea,” she said. “The fact that they have the entire school involved is the most impressive thing about this. They have found something for every student to do, regardless of their academic level, and every student is on task.”

Smith hopes the school principals will take it as an opportunity to see what would work for their school.

“It’s a mini block where students who are struggling in certain areas can get reinforcement and students who are already successful receive more complex work,” Smith explained. “Right now, I see nothing but good coming from this. If they are ready and willing, there’s a way to implement it and make it work.”

Broadway, who plans to attend college and work her way into the medical field, hopes what Bossier High is doing will inspire other administrators to take action.

“I would really recommend other schools to implement this,” she said. “People typically underestimate Bossier [High School], but this showcases the care our administration and faculty has for their students. This is a great opportunity for students to grow and succeed.”

Ultimately, Smith said it’s about student achievement.

“If we can increase learning opportunities and reach higher achievements, we have met our goal,” he said. “It’s just about getting from point A to point B. Now they have seen a whole new horizon of opportunities that they can bring to their students.”

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Sean Green is managing editor of the Bossier Press-Tribune.


  1. Way to BHS and thanks to all the teachers and administration for you do there you guys are truly special and I’m proud to say I have a child at bossier high school GOKats your awesome


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