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New ordinance to tighten standards for used tire dealers

Jennyne Pinter, jpinter@bossierpress.com

Used tire businesses in Bossier will see changes thanks to a change in the Unified Development Code (UDC). 

The amendment regarding those businesses in the B-3 and I-1 zoning districts was passed by the Metropolitan Planning Commision (MPC) at its regular May 14 meeting.

“We’ve come up with an ordinance,” said Sam Marsiglia, Director of the MPC.  “Used Tire Dealers as defined in this ordinance will no longer be a ‘use-by-right’ in the B-3 and I-1 zoning districts as they are now.  They will become a provisional-use which means there are some additional provisions they have to comply with before they can operate.”

The first provision states that all of the businesses renew their certification of occupancy each year on Jan. 31. Renewals will be reissued pending compliance with all ordinance conditions. 

“It’s a little heavier than a use-by right, but not as heavy as a conditional,” Marsiglia explained.  

The second provision will require that the MPC be furnished with receipts of tire disposal from a proper facility every three months. 

Marsiglia noted that used tires have been found discarded in and around various lakes, but also on private property making the landowner responsible for removing the tires.

The storage of tires mandates a third provision, requiring that tires be stored inside a fully enclosed building. An accessory building of 1-story and 20 feet by 25 feet will be allowed if the tires cannot fit inside the main building.

The fourth and final provision requires that businesses limit their outdoor tire displays to a maximum of 16 tires at any given time. These tires are required to be stored properly indoors during the off-business hours.

The existing businesses have until July 1, 2019 to comply with the amendment.

Marsiglia also requested that the MPC reinforce the existing ordinance for tire installation and removal on customers’ vehicles. 

These operations are required to take place in a service bay or at backside of the building and are not allowed to occur in the customer parking lot.  This is required of all auto repair facilities.

Title 33 of Louisiana’s Department of Environmental Quality state’s that Used Tire Dealers shall not be issued a license unless they can show the state that they are in compliance with all state regulations.  

“If they comply with what all we’re asking here, that’ll make them in compliance with all state regulations,” Marsiglia said. “Municipalities have been put on notice by the state that an occupational license cannot be issued unless they can prove to the city that they have complied with all state regulations regarding regarding their business.”

Prior to the final development of this amendment, Marsiglia had offered a workshop for business owners in order to assist with any questions and hear concerns prior to the May 14 meeting. There were no attendees at the workshop and no business owners were present at the meeting.

The lack of interest on the behalf of the business owners’ concerns Marsiglia who said that he hopes they will all comply, and that otherwise violations will be issued and possible revocation of licenses followed by court hearings would occur.

Marsiglia said to the board that he has been in contact with Bossier City Attorney Jimmy Hall, who suggested that they might try investigating the purchase of a tire shredding machine. 

These machines are thought to be relatively inexpensive and that there is a site available at the Public Works Department where it could operate. This would provide a place for people to dispose of the waste tires without having to drive all the way out of town to get to a credible facility.  

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