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New ranking shows Bossier’s growing reputation


We all know that Bossier City is a great place to live, work and play. These well words mean a lot to us and believe in them. I have used these words many times in my columns over the years. I have also repeatedly mentioned how our political and civic leaders, law enforcement agencies, school system, and economic development professionals all work so extremely hard and amazingly well together to make both Bossier City and Parish the great places that we know them to be.

And now, others are catching on to what we already know. 

MONEY Magazine has named Bossier City one of the best 100 places to live in the United States. And, it is the only city in the entire state of Louisiana to be included in this list. The ranking comes after MONEY Magazine named Bossier City as the best place to live in Louisiana last January.

Folks, this is huge. Strict criteria were met in order to achieve both of these MONEY Magazine designations. Obviously, Bossier passed the test! 

Randy Brown, publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune

As the Bossier Chamber has long promoted, “Bossier is Doing It Right.” I still have a “Bossier is Doing It Right” bumper sticker on a bookshelf in my office. I look at it quite often. It gives me pride. It makes me appreciative for what has happened over the last few decades. And, it makes me ponder about what is yet to happen.

There are countless reasons for us all to have pride in what has happened in the past, what is happening now, and what will happen in the future in Bossier City and Bossier Parish. The potential is unlimited and the opportunities are numerous. The best is yet to come.

Looking at what has happened in Bossier City in recent years, we see continuous infrastructure projects for new streets/roads, drainage and water system upgrades, and more which are necessary to support our population growth. Secondly, new schools are being built and older schools being remodeled and expanded. Again, this is necessary to support our population growth. We have also seen many lifestyle and quality of life improvements such as the Louisiana Boardwalk and major development on Airline Drive at I-220, which has only continued. Then, two years ago the East Bank District officially revealed a renovated downtown Bossier City.

A recent story that I read called Bossier City’s East Bank District a “gem in the rough.” It is a gem alright. A gem that is shining and quickly getting brighter. And, the City of Bossier City is working hard to make the most of its $15 million investment. 

It took vision and foresight in making this once diminishing and somewhat vacant part of the city such a fun and exciting place to be. Now, when I have friends visiting from out of town, I almost always take them to East Bank. They are amazed at the atmosphere and compare it to places like Austin, San Antonio, and others.

East Bank has so much potential. However, many people are asking if Bossier City is getting its money’s worth. In my opinion, maybe not quite yet, but in view of both what has already developed there and the plans for future development, it is ever so close. It will happen. The potential opportunities in Bossier City’s East Bank District need to be allowed to fully develop and not be squashed by political bureaucracy, as we have so often seen across the river through the years.

That being said, Bossier City has always had a “can do” attitude. I remember the Louisiana Downs opportunity locating in Bossier after Shreveport passed on it when I was a kid. When it was time to replace an aging Hirsch Coliseum on the Fairgrounds in Shreveport, city administration opted for a study. George Dement, then Mayor of Bossier City, said this is a “no brainer.” Then, the CenturyLink Center began to take shape. 

Everyone around here already knows that “Bossier Is Doing It Right,” and now, thanks to MONEY Magazine, the entire nation knows too.

Randy Brown is publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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