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New school year begins

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce hosted 120 incoming teachers Wednesday, July 30 at the New Teacher Luncheon at the Hilton Garden Inn, Bossier City. Pictured are sponsors Bossier Federal Credit Union’s Jill Skaggs (left) and Kevin Odom (right) with Airline High School’s Greg Kimbrough.

New teachers welcomed with Chamber luncheon

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce held its annual new teacher luncheon last week to welcome more than 100 teachers to the Bossier Parish community.

The event is held each summer just before the start of the school year in order to familiarize new teachers with Bossier business and community leaders. It’s also a time to let loose and have a little fun with motivational guest speaker Bonnie Dubin of Motivate Me.

Dubin’s words of wisdom included the five steps to becoming better leaders in the classroom. Shaina Clark found her words to be particularly important as she enters her seventh year of teaching and first year as a second grade teacher at Kerr Elementary.

Another thing that really stood out for Clark, who moved to Bossier from Tyler, TX, was the frequent use of the word ‘family’ during the day’s activities.

“It is very important as a teacher to have a strong community support system and it’s also important for our students to see that we do work together as a team,” she said. “Everyone has been very welcoming and seeing their enthusiasm for this school district only makes me more excited to be part of it.”

Scott Smith, assistant superintendent of Bossier Parish Schools, assured the large group of educators that the Bossier community does have quite a support system.

“You are never alone. There is always someone to ensure that you have help,” he said. “The school system, business partners and the community have all worked hard to ensure the success of our teachers.”

Joining the Carrie Martin Elementary family is Micole Akes, a first year K-5 art teacher from Ruston. Akes said she is most excited about helping students not only create masterpieces, but memories in the classroom.

“I like doing cross curriculum projects in my class because I want students to learn real life values, such as problem solving and critical thinking,” she said. “I also want them to simply love what they do.”

Students in grades 1 through 12 will start school Thursday, Aug. 7, while kindergarteners will start their first regular day Thursday, Aug. 14. Kindergarten screening will be conducted Aug. 7, 8 and 11-13. Students will be assigned to attend school on one of those days.

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