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NICERC to provide at-home activities to expand children’s cybersecurity knowledge


Whether you are in state or local government, business or industry, education, or a parent, we all are having to adjust to a new work environment that includes our children. During these uncertain times you may be wondering how to support your child or students’ curiosity and creativity while they are not in the classroom. NICERC and their partners have teamed together to offer resources that will continue to expand their cybersecurity knowledge at home. The following link takes you to a library of self-paced activities, projects that are fun, engaging, and teach students the fundamentals of cybersecurity, but most importantly teach our students the importance of safely living in a digital age – a cyber age! Click here for a link to all of the resources. (https://nicerc.org/2020/03/nicerc-home/)

Activities include 30+ hours of activities, and lessons so students can continue learning about cybersecurity at home, with an additional 30 hours in the pipeline. The following are the resources that are currently available: Pringles Can Enigma, Fact or Fake Website, Pigpen Cipher, Algorithm Activity, Specificity Game, Scratch Activities, Cipher Disk Encryption Challenge, STEAM Fundamentals Habitats, Keep It Safe Matching Game, Computational Thinking, Explore Egg Drop, Traceroute & Network Mapping Demonstration, Cyber Communities: Citizen Scientists, and Traceroute & Network Mapping Demonstration.

We are also hosting a virtual cybersecurity capture the flag challenge every week that students are at home. This CTF can be found under the “All Grade Levels” heading. The capture the flag challenge for this week has the following categories: Cybersecurity Career Connections (uses NICERC career profile cards as the resource), Encryption, Fun with Code, Puzzles (a generic category that gets students comfortable with the capture the flag environment).

Finally, NICERC will also be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, March 31, at 1:00pm (Central Time). Join us for a virtual tour through our library of at-home projects to keep students learning while school closures continue across the country. We’ll have subject matter experts walk you through grade-level appropriate activities that will spur meaningful conversations about the roles cyber and cybersecurity play in our daily lives. Click here to register for the webinar. (https://nicerc.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_OBbNismUTjWCGjFTnTxZJQ)

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