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North and South Come Together

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry speaking at the joint South and North Bossier Lunch group meeting on Wednesday Feb. 10

The South and North Bossier Lunch groups joined together for the first time on Wednesday Feb. 10 at the Bellaire South Complex in Bossier City to welcome and hear from guest speaker Jeff Landry, Louisiana Attorney General.

Landry discussed many topics during the meeting. Some of his talking points included supporting law enforcement, the right to life, transgender policy and statistics on where Louisiana stands with the rest of the country.

“Louisiana deserves to be first. In 1950 Houston, Atlanta and New Orleans were all the same. That’s not that too long ago. But look at them today. Why is it that those cities have grown, and those states have flourished, and Louisiana has not? We just made bad leadership decisions,” Landry said.

“Let’s take another southern state that’s comparable to Louisiana. Let’s pick South Carolina. They got seven automobile manufacturers in that state. What is wrong with Louisiana? What is South Carolina doing that we are not doing? Here is what I will tell you. In one way, if you stack up what Louisiana has next to South Carolina, we are really like Michael Jordan when you think about the natural resources, the people and the river, (the assets that we have that God has given us right here in Louisiana). Really and truly, we should be headed above South Carolina. But instead, we are 49th in economic stability potential. We are 48th in unemployment. We are 46 in Forbes overall business. We are losing 15,000 people a year out of Louisiana. We are losing our best and our brightest. To be able to attract people, we got to do something here in Louisiana,” he added.

After completing his prepared speaking points to attendees, Landry then fielded questions from the audience.
One question that was asked was when Landry thinks Louisiana is going to open back up.

“The house passed the petition. We took it to court. The Supreme court actually supported our position. It would be nice to get the Senate to sign that same petition. The only answer that we didn’t get is how fast we can put enough pressure on the folks in Baton Rouge so we can open the state,” Landry said.

“What upsets me is I know how hard you work for the checks that you earn. And, I know how much you care, each and every time you write a check for one of your employees. But, I wonder sometimes if those folks in Baton Rouge, who write those laws and regulations, understand what it actually takes to keep a family going. Quite honestly they are hurting the lower middle class more than anybody else,” he added.

The luncheon was catered by the Cafe at Bellaire South and was paid for by this month’s sponsors, Community Bank of Louisiana, Risk Pros Inc., Insurance Solutions, The Adam Bass Agency, and The Dennis Bamburg Agency.

The South Bossier Lunch Group’s goal is to bring together men and women in our South Bossier community that want to stay informed and want to make a difference in our community.

The North Bossier Lunch Group’s goal is to bring together men and women in the North Bossier community that want to stay informed and want to make a difference in it. 

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