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Nov. 4 Election Results

According to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website, all Bossier Parish precincts have reported. Below are the unofficial numbers:

  • Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu drew 42 percent of the state’s vote while Republican Representative Bill Cassidy garnered 41 percent. The pair will now head to a run off.
  • Incumbent U.S. 4th District Representative John Fleming defeated challenger Randall Lord with 73 percent of the vote. He won Bossier with 81 percent.
  • Public Services Commissioner Foster Campbell was re-elected with 62 percent of the votes over candidate Keith Gates.
  • Current Bossier City Marshal employee Jim Whitman will now take over with 71 percent of the vote over Carl Wayne Richard.
  • Incumbent Bossier-Webster District Attorney Schuyler Marvin was re-elected with a 53 percent majority. However, Bossier voted in favor of Whit Graves, giving him 53 percent of the vote.
  • School Board races are — District 3 results have Frank Kelly and incumbent District 4 member Tammy Smith splitting the vote with 50 percent each, however votes favor Kelly 2,123 to 2,087.  William Lott took District 4 with 63 percent of the votes over Elizabeth Foster. Eric Newman is the new District 9 representative with 69 percent of the vote over incumbent Eddy Ray Presley.
  • Plain Dealing Mayor Wiley Robinson has been re-elected with 75 percent of the votes over challenger Donna Canales.
  • Incumbent Marshal Ronnie Murray was also re-elected with 70 percent of the vote over candidates Tim Cannon and Chuck Spraggins.
  • Justice of the Peace — Terry Sullivan captured 39 percent of the District 3 vote while Cliff Cannon took 31 percent and Linda Hamiter took 30 percent. District 6 has Charles Gray with 34 percent of the vote, David Cook with 29 percent, and Michael Keith with 26 percent.
  • In the races for Constable — Brandon Oswalt has a lead over E.T. “Scooter” Rushing. District 3 has Rick Blalock leading challengers Jerry Jenkins, Stephen Smith, John Craft, and Eddie Chandler. District 6 has Wayne Berry with 40 percent of the vote over Jeffrey Weems and Kenneth Stephens.
  • Plain Dealing Alderman — District 2 saw Ronnie Griggs defeat Jim Parrish. Howard Haynie narrowly defeated Jeff Benson for the District 3 seat. Cindy Anderson Dodson defeated Terry Richardson for District 4. District 1 has Shanita Gay with 33 percent of the votes, Kim Holt Allums with 26 percent, Robert Hamiter with 22 percent and Charlotte Giles Hamiter with 19 percent.
  • Constitutional Amendments — Act 439 – HB 533 (Medical Assistance Trust Fund) saw a 56 percent yes vote, while Bossier voted no with a 52 percent majority.  Act 438 – HB 532 (Hospital Stabilization Fund) had a 56 percent yes vote, Bossier voted no with a 52 percent majority. Act 871 – HB 488 (Tax Sale) failed with 64 percent voting no. Act 873 – HB 628 (investment of public funds) had a 68 percent no vote. Act 875 – HB 96 (remove mandatory retirement age of judges) failed with a 58 percent no vote. Act 870 – HB 111 (fire and police protection Orleans Parish) has a 51 percent yes vote. Act 433 – SB 96 (disabled veterans tax exemption) was a resounding yes with 74 percent. Act 434 – SB 128 (artificial reef development fund) saw 57 percent voting yes. Act 432 – SB 56 (exempting disabled owners from annually certify to the assessor the amount of their adjusted gross income to receive special assessment level) has 53 percent no. Act 436 – HB 256 (dealing with redemption period for abandoned property) saw a 54 percent yes. Act 874 – HB 341 (change the maximum number of departments in the executive branch of state government from 20 to 21) fails with a a strong 70 percent no vote. Act 437 – HB 426 (require two members of the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission be electors from parishes located north of the parishes of Beauregard, Allen, Evangeline, Avoyelles, and Pointe Coupee) had a 59 percent no vote, while Bossier voted 56 percent yes. Act 872 – HB 489 (dealing with lower ninth ward property sale) had a 59 percent no vote. Act 435 – HB 131 (legislation with tax rebates, tax incentives, and tax abatements not held in even-numbered year) saw a 59 percent no.
  • A new 1 mill tax to fund the Bossier Council on Aging failed with a 52 percent no vote.
  • Millage renewals — 7.57 mill property tax dedicated exclusively to funding the library system narrowly passed with 51 percent in favor. Cypress Black Bayou’s 1.54 mill property tax renewal passed with a 57 percent yes vote.
  • A vote to approve a 2 percent increase on hotel occupancy in Bossier-Shreveport to help fund the Ark-La-Tex Regional Air Service Alliance, Independence Bowl, and Shreveport-Bossier Sports Commission is set to fail with 48,940 votes in favor of and 49,148 against. Bossier’s vote was a 55 percent no majority.
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