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Oklahoma Wind Project is Good News for SWEPCO Customers

Foster Campbell

Completion of the three-part Oklahoma wind-power project for SWEPCO and its sister company, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, represents good news for Louisiana electric customers, said Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell.

        “The wind blows steadily and it blows for free in north-central Oklahoma,” Campbell said.  “Capturing that wind to make electricity means long-term, reliable and low-cost energy for SWEPCO’s 200,000 Louisiana customers.”

        A supporter of wind and solar power for Louisiana utilities, Campbell backed SWEPCO’s plan to purchase the vast North Central Energy Facilities wind farms, now completed.  Combined, the three farms will generate 1,484 megawatts of clean energy for SWEPCO and PSO, which are subsidiaries of Ohio-based American Electric Power.

        “That is enough power to run 440,000 homes,” Campbell said.  Estimated savings over conventional fuels for SWEPCO’s Louisiana customers is $1 billion over the next 30 years.

        Campbell said the electric utilities will extend the benefits of the wind power by selling renewable-energy credits to large customers like Wal-Mart and Amazon.  He said proceeds from the credit sales will reduce fuel costs for other SWEPCO and PSO customers.

        “Wind and solar power are the future,” Campbell said.  “They are clean, low-cost and readily available.  SWEPCO is showing leadership in this area for other Louisiana utilities.”
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