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Opinion: BPT has the giving spirit

Bossier Press-Tribune Publisher Randy Brown and Composing/Graphic Arts Director Kathleen Weir made a donation from BPT team members to Phyllis Butler (center) with the Salvation Army Angel Tree last week.

The Bible has many passages referring to helping those in need – those less fortunate than ourselves.

Truly, we do this not to make ourselves feel better or for our own glorification, but to help those that really need our help. We do this to use our time, talents and monetary blessings to do for others less fortunate than ourselves.

RandyThis Christmas season, as we have done for the last five or six years, the staff of the Bossier Press-Tribune decided to not do a “Secret Santa” or to draw names from among our staff for a gift exchange. Instead, we collected funds from among our staff and selected a couple of names off of the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program in order to help provide a Christmas for children from our community.

Over the past several years, our staff has participated in both the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree and Shop With A Cop among other donations and charitable programs/events.

An excerpt from the Salvation Army’s website homepage for their “Angel Tree” reads as follows: “Please don’t forget the young girls and boys from impoverished families in our community that will be left out of the most joyous time of year — unless we do something.”

There are many great organizations in existence that strive to help the needy in our community all throughout the year, but especially at this time of year. My words can not properly express how thankful I am that our staff recognizes the importance of the many needs in our community and as such, chooses to collectively participate in these most worthy causes.

Last Tuesday, I was honored and blessed to go shopping alongside Sean Green, Bossier Press-Tribune managing editor, and Kathleen Weir, Bossier Press-Tribune director of graphic arts and beautification. We all felt most fortunate in being able to take the funds we collected from our staff in order to go out shopping for the two names we selected from this year’s Angel Tree.

Then on Wednesday, Kathleen and I were honored to deliver the items we had purchased in person to the Salvation Army’s local donation site.

As I mentioned in my column from last week on the True Meaning of Christmas, I get my greatest joy from giving. Being able to participate in a great cause such as this at this time of year is a huge part of what Christmas is all about for me.

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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