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Opinion: Dr. Billy Holland – Finding The Faith To Be Happy

Finding The Faith To Be Happy

When we hear that happiness is a choice many will roll their eyes in one of those “whatever” attitudes especially when having a bad day, the last thing we want to hear is another zip-a-dee-doo-da platitude. However, (here we go) yes, the statement is actually true and in order to discover what it means, I thought we could at least stop for a moment and look at a few ideas that might help us become…well…happier!

1.) What others say or do should not cause you to be unhappy. Even if they go out of their way to pull your string, you can refuse to be drawn into anger, intimidation or resentment. Mental strength comes like lifting weights – slowly with lots of determination and self-discipline.

2.) Your childhood might have been less than desirable but it is important to not allow negative emotions to continue draining your joy as an adult. Happy people learn how to understand the past and use these experiences as positive stepping stones for a victorious future.

3.) Its very important to make peace with your appearance. You do not need to look a certain way to be loved or respected because true love accepts you perfectly as you are. Psalm 149:13 declares that you are “wonderfully and fearfully made.” Embrace who you are!

4.) Fear and anxiety is everywhere but it is not a license to be unhappy. We can rise above the chaos if we choose to live in God’s peace. When we discover that fear is a weapon to steal our happiness, Jesus can show us how to walk in the “valley of the shadow” with faith and hope.

5.) A broken heart is devastating but God’s joy is the perfect medicine. Difficulty can develop wisdom, character and an inner strength you never knew was possible. In time, it is absolutely vital to receive His healing, trust His decision and move forward with your life.

6.) If you have made huge mistakes and feel that you are on the bottom, this may be a perfect time to allow God to start rebuilding you. It is never too late to start again!
The enemy of our soul will accuse us and condemn us until we finally stand against him with holy truth. There will never be a time when darkness or hopelessness can overcome the brilliant light of God’s restoring love.

7.) Surrender sounds like defeat but actually it can be our greatest victory. Learning to let go of our plans and allowing God to take total control can be one of the most liberating events in our life. When we allow Him to be our Lord, His Spirit will literally flood our heart with happiness.

8.) We are miserable when we choose not to forgive. In order for God to wash us clean we must repent and forgive others. Unforgiveness is a snare trap that can ruin us from the inside-out as there is no way we can carry the heavy weight of bitterness and be happy at the same time.

9.) Sometimes we need to re-evaluate our relationships in order to maintain a clear focus and a pure heart. We have a responsibility to guard our conscience and eliminate the negativity because a good attitude and a positive sense of well-being is the pathway to happy living.

10.) Lastly, there is more to being content than just singing “don’t worry – be happy” and even becoming determined to live in the joy of the Lord doesn’t guarantee we will never be sad, frustrated, angry or discouraged. But it does mean when facing adversity we can learn with God’s help how to pray, confess His Word and make better decisions which will lead to higher levels of confidence and contentment.

Dr. Billy Holland lives in Central Kentucky with his wife Cheryl, where he is a Christian outreach minister/chaplain. Look for his faith column appearing bi-weekly in your Bossier Press-Tribune. Also, look for his faith column each week, “LIVING ON PURPOSE” to find thought provoking messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement. To learn more visit: billyhollandministries.com

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