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Opinion: Dr. Billy Holland – God is the answer to politics

God is the answer to politics

Like you, I have been afraid a few times in my life. Fear is a paralyzing and dreadful feeling and one that I would like to stay away from if at all possible. The Bible talks about fear and compels us to study and learn about the reality of true faith and how to place our trust in God alone. There are different types of fear and I recall as a young boy, my dad remodeled half of our attic and made a really neat place for my bedroom. The other half of the attic remained dark and scary and was only separated with a wall and a flimsy door. You see, I was convinced terrifying creatures lived there and sometimes in the middle of the night that door would mysteriously come open and when this occurred I became a nine year old Olympian who could fly down a staircase in two steps.

I remember another scary situation from my childhood when our family went on a fishing trip. Dad had a nice bass boat and we loaded up for a fun day of fishing and a picnic lunch. My little sister was there and my mom was very pregnant. We traveled a long way from the dock and everything seemed fine until we noticed some dark clouds rolled in. As dad was saying we needed to go, suddenly a bolt of lightning struck with an explosion of thunder so loud that we about jumped out of our seats. We took off and I had never seen that boat go so fast, then it started to rain so hard the drops were actually stinging. Even as a kid I knew this was serious. Lighting was flashing and the wind seemed like a typhoon as I covered my head and tried not to think about sinking and drowning. Thankfully we made it back safe and later we laughed about it.

As an adult, I now realize that fear and worry comes in more mature forms and much of it is usually connected with taking care of our family. Anxiety is associated with fear and I believe many would agree that our country is feeling a little nervous as this coming presidential election continues to draw closer. Serious problems are causing stress as we try to decide who would be the best person to lead our nation. Of course we want the most effective candidate no matter what party they represent but to be honest our government has now become so entangled with dysfunctional stategies and deceptive agendas, we are seriously wondering about our future. We can evaluate the situation and listen to possible solutions but what I am not hearing is even more disappointing than what I have seen thus far.

We have two opposing sides that have their own respectable ideas and plans but I have not heard either of them acknowledge how crucially important it is to ask Almighty God for the answers. “God bless America” is used as a nifty speech conclusion but this is not enough! Throughout the years we have seen attempts from both parties to keep our country from faltering but have they really been successful? Are we less in debt? Is there less violence?

Is our infrastructure stronger? Are we more unified? Is there less poverty? And now we are faced with the same old promises that declare if you elect me I will fix everything. Friends, there is only person that can fix anything and that is God. Clever political policies alone will not help our situation or heal our land. Only when we sincerely repent and invite Christ to lead our government will we be blessed with His peace, wisdom and security. “I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4.

Dr. Billy Holland lives in Central Kentucky with his wife Cheryl, where he is a Christian outreach minister/chaplain. Look for his faith column appearing bi-weekly in your Bossier Press-Tribune. Also, look for his faith column each week, “LIVING ON PURPOSE” to find thought provoking messages of inspiration, hope and encouragement. To learn more visit: billyhollandministries.com.

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