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Opinion: Easter and the future of our country

Last Sunday, we celebrated Easter. I hope that you all had a great Easter with your family and friends. Easter is when we celebrate Christ’s conquering the grave and in turn, conquering  death. As a result, death for us is no longer possible as long as we believe in HIM. Our sins are forgiven and our debts have been paid in full as a result of Jesus doing what HE knew HE came to walk this earth to do. Just as HE said he would do, HE rose from the grave after HE was put to death. In this, we were born again as long as we believe in HIM and ask HIM to come into our lives and hearts. Yes, the true message of Easter is, HE is risen (Luke 24:6)!

RandyI hope that all of you were able to celebrate this GREAT news on Easter Sunday with your family and friends in the church of your choice. Many have sacrificed and died for the right for us to have this choice!

On Easter, I was thinking about just what Christ did for us, as I do continually throughout the year. Upon thinking of Jesus’ tremendous sacrifice for us, my thoughts often turn to all of the many ways that God has been taken out of so many things in our modern day lives. And if certain people have their wishes realized, many more things are in danger of losing their connection to God from a public perspective. Essentially, Christians are being attacked simply for being Christians.

Last week, news surfaced of a Caddo Parish principal who has been caught up in quite an uproar simply because he referred to God in a letter that was sent home with students. Are you kidding me? Have things really gone this far? Those that want God removed from everything have twisted things around to the point where God is not to be mentioned in any single format considered as public domain. Separation of church and state does not mean that God or any reference to religion is to be totally removed from any and every facet of the public domain. Actually, I have always believed that the framers of our constitution clearly directed their separation language toward preventing the United States government from telling U.S. citizens that they had to be a certain religion, such as that which they were fleeing from in England as mandated by the King.

But my, look at how this has been twisted around. If the framers of our constitution meant for God to be removed from everything public, then why was God the basis of practically everything they did in getting this country started? For me, changing everything based upon the reasoning that our constitution needs be be a living, breathing and constantly changing document is not now, nor has ever been, a valid excuse. And also, why was “In God We Trust” placed on our currency? Of course, these same people are also trying to have our currency altered to have God removed from that too.

Our country has been extremely blessed beyond all expectations for the entire 238 years and seven months of its existence. Of course, there is no question in my mind as to why. It is because our country has traditionally (until recent times) put God first. God has traditionally been the foundation of everything that we have done as a nation. If our country has tremendously prospered and has been the greatest nation on earth for all of these years, why do we need to change almost everything that we are doing? Some truly great citizens and mighty great leaders have been reared in this country and as such, they were brought up to honor and treasure our country’s traditional value system in putting God first.

These days, all that we ever seem to hear from those trying to radically change all of our country’s traditional values is what is wrong with America. We seldom (if ever) hear what is good or what is right about America. In the eyes of the people with all of these negative feelings about our country, I want to ask a question. If America is no longer the greatest nation on earth and is such a bad place to live….and everything needs radically changing from top to bottom (and religion and God needs to be removed from almost everything), then why do so many people who don’t currently live here want to risk almost anything to be a part of this country and why do the rest of us want to stay here?

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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