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Opinion: Kudos to Bossier City Council for Old Bossier vote

On Tuesday of last week, I once again had the pleasure of attending a Bossier City Council meeting. At this meeting, the Bossier City Council voted to move forward with the re-vitalization of downtown Bossier City. This is a great move forward for our city!

The positive message sent by this vote shows that, once again, Bossier City is progressive in both its thinking and its planning. Both the benefits and the overall impact from re-vitalizing downtown Bossier City will be realized decades into the future.

RandySo, just what does a re-vitalized downtown Bossier City mean? Well to me, it means

a multitude of things, including an increase business activity, residential activity, office space and an enhanced positive/progressive image for our city. Furthermore, we will see new or re-located restaurants and stores. Also, downtown re-vitalization will create a major impetus for attracting new technologically based companies to our area. These companies often have a  high percentage “Millennial/Generation Y” based work force in terms of composition. In short, re-vitalizing Bossier City’s downtown will be a major attraction to many….even beyond the ultra-attractive environment that already exists in Bossier City.   

Many of us have seen re-vitalized downtown areas with niche or specialty businesses and residential living spaces. I was reading the other day that every downtown area is different. So definitely, this is not a “one size fits all” type of project or approach.    

Additionally, I have also read that many “public/private” partnerships are tremendously successful in downtown re-vitalization efforts. And from what I understand, property ownership in the downtown Bossier City area certainly lends itself to these

“public/private” partnerships that are believed by most experts to be an essential requirement for success in the re-vitalized area. I have also learned that public transportation (and the proximity thereof to job location) is extremely important, especially with respect to the  “Millennial/Generation Y” population with the desire to live in the re-vitalized area. It is also important for most necessities and entertainment options to be within walking distance.

So, I would like to applaud our City Council for moving forward with the re-vitalization of downtown Bossier City. The recruiting tool and competitive advantage that downtown re-vitalization creates will give both our Bossier Economic Development officials and our Bossier Chamber of Commerce officials an additional boost in terms of the excellent job they both continue to do for all of us.   

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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