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Opinion: Lou Gehrig Burnett – A new Senate poll


A new Senate poll

The latest poll on the Louisiana U.S. Senate race continues to show Republican state Treasurer John Kennedy in the top spot with Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell at number two.

The survey was conducted August 29-30 with 1,017 likely voters by Remington Research Group for The Hayride, a conservative website.
Kennedy was the choice of 27% of respondents while Campbell captured 16%.
This was the first poll to include former Klansman David Duke, running as a Republican. He was the choice of 6% of those surveyed.

Here is the poll:
Treasurer John Kennedy (R) – 27%. PSC Foster Campbell (D) – 16%. U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany (R) – 12%. Caroline Fayard (D) – 12%. David Duke (R) – 6%. U.S. Rep. John Fleming (R) – 6%. Retired Col Rob Maness (R) – 4%. Abhay Patel (R) – 0%. Troy Hebert (NP) – 0%. Undecided – 15%.

Actually, there are 24 candidates seeking the U.S. Senate seat – nine Republicans, seven Democrats, four No Party, two Other Party, and two Libertarians. The pollster apparently selected who he thought were the most viable candidates.

The poll also matched up Republican Kennedy and Democrat Campbell in a runoff scenario. The result was Kennedy 51%, Campbell 27%. and Undecided 22%.

Keep in mind, however, that the race has not yet shifted into high gear. Soon, we will see television ads touting the candidates, which could impact future polls on the race.
In averaging out the four polls taken so far on the Senate race, we find these results:

John Kennedy (R) – 28%.
Foster Campbell (D) – 14.5%.
Charles Boustany (R) – 12%.
Caroline Fayard (D) – 10.5%.
John Fleming (R) 6.5%.
Rob Maness (R) – 4%.

Governor’s approval rating
The Remington Research Group also asked those polled what they thought about the performance of Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards.
He received a 50% approval rating while 39% disapprove of the job he is doing. Undecided was 22%

Cassidy said what?
In what many politicos consider a surprising move, Republican U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy seems to be distancing himself from his party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump.
During an interview on C-SPAN’s Newsmakers program, Cassidy was asked whether Trump, Louisiana U.S. Senate candidate David Duke, and a growing number of pro-Trump white supremacists have hurt the GOP brand.

Cassidy responded that the problem this fall is not a question of GOP policies, but rather Trump himself. “The message that we have is pretty good. It may turn out that Mr. Trump is not the messenger. Maybe he is, but it really seems to boil down to Mr. Trump’s personality being not what people like, as opposed to some of the issues,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy’s comments have some political analysts befuddled because he is not prone to bold statements and is usually low-key. So they are wondering if this is a new Cassidy or just an off-hand remark.

It is known that Cassidy is well-liked by the Senate Republican leadership, which helped him defeat three-term Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu in 2014.
So there is speculation he may be reflecting the thinking of the leadership in what could be a disastrous election year for the Republican Party.

Whatever the reason, observers say it was good to see Cassidy speak out.

Lou Gehrig Burnett is a seasoned veteran of national and local politics. He publishes Fax-Net Update, a weekly political newsletter.

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