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Opinion: Marty Carlson – Foster Campbell is Ideal for U. S. Senate

Foster Campbell is Ideal for U.S. Senate

The Louisiana US Senate seat to be vacated by David Vitter has so far drawn over a half dozen candidates. Congressmen John Fleming and Charles Boustany, and former Congressman Joseph Cao all hope for a move to the US Senate. Louisiana’s well-known State Treasurer John Kennedy is actively campaigning for the seat, as is Tea Party leader Rob Maness. One of only two Democrat candidates, Caroline Fayard of New Orleans also aspires to a move to Washington DC.

Finally, our own Foster Campbell looks to represent our interests in the US Senate. And voters in our corner of this Senate district will want to seriously consider allowing Foster to do just that, particularly given his consistent demonstration service to those he represented as a member of the Louisiana Senate, and presently as the District 5 Louisiana Public Service Commission member. He also, unsuccessfully, ran for governor and for the US House of Representatives for the 4th Congressional District. Campbell served as the District 36 representative in the state Senate from 1976 to 2002. In 2003, he was elected to the Public Service Commission.

In 1995, Campbell authored the legislation that created the state’s “Save the Black Bear” license plate – and just recently it was announced the Black Bear is no longer on the endangered list. In 2001, he co-authored the “Do Not Call” legislation to protect consumers from unwanted solicitations. And it was Campbell’s legislation that created the state’s billion dollar trust fund to handle proceeds from the big tobacco settlement.

He consistently advocated imposing a six percent fee on oil and gas processed and distributed through Louisiana along with elimination of the severance tax. Although he wasn’t successful in getting such legislation passed, Campbell still discusses it as a method to bring significant proceeds to the state’s treasury and thus dramatically improving the state’s fiscal standing.

He’s an avowed Democrat and often called a populist. While Campbell’s interests aren’t solely government related – he’s a farmer and owns an insurance business – his focus has always been on doing the best he can for the people he serves.

In a September 2007 visit with The Times Picayune, Campbell said “As far as a populist, I wear that proudly as a badge of honor. And I think every politician in the state of Louisiana ought to be a populist, representing people. That’s not a sinful thing to do.” A hunter and right-to-arms advocate, Campbell also said, “I have six children, nine bird dogs and 17 shotguns.”

There’s lots more to Foster Campbell, and voters are encouraged to read Gary Scheet’s September 18, 2007 Times-Picayne piece “Foster Campbell: Proud to be called a populist.”

If you want to know about Foster Campbell – this is about as informative as it gets.
In the meantime, Campbell has spent decades representing our best interests here in northwest Louisiana and across District 5 of the PSC. His PSC office’s reputation for friendliness and responsiveness just about unequalled.
This dedication to and reputation for actually representing our interests first and foremost should make Foster Campbell the ideal candidate to send to the US Senate in November.

Marty Carlson is a
columnist for the BPT.
She may be reached at

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  1. Campbell has a long history of standing up to corporations that have only their profit margin in their minds. We’ve had too few Foster Campbells who were willing to risk offending the powers that be in order to serve citizens. He’s been willing to pull the hogs out of the trough so that everyone has a chance to eat.

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