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Opinion: Randy Brown – A few matters to discuss

A few matters to discuss

The last few weeks have been extremely busy for all of us here at the BPT. Many things have happened that have derailed some of the columns that I had planned to write over the last several weeks. That’s the news business! When important events happen, we have to put our plans on hold (at least temporarily).

So, over the next few weeks (as summer draws near), I hope to be able to finally sum up some thoughts that have been on my mind for many weeks now. First of all, several of our team members attended the 2nd annual Bossier Chamber of Commerce State of Bossier address back on April 27th. Wow folks, my how the future appears to be so bright for what is now the 6th largest city within the state of Louisiana (and also the fastest growing city).

Also, some recent developments in terms of the direction of our nation have me extremely concerned! I will get to all of these matters (and more) over the next few weeks.

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune.  He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com


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