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Opinion: Randy Brown – Graduation is GREAT!

Graduation is GREAT!

For about two weeks now, I have wanted to write my column on the second annual “State of Bossier Luncheon” hosted by the Bossier Chamber of Commerce three weeks ago. Two weeks ago, I bumped my column in order to make room for other columnists. And, last week, Mother’s Day took precedence. So, for today’s edition of the Bossier Press-Tribune, I had big plans to finally get around to writing my opinions as they relate to the great future that awaits Bossier. Well, something happened this past Saturday that forced me to wait yet another week to opine my views as to Bossier’s bright future.

Last Saturday, BPT Managing Editor Amanda Simmons and I were at Bossier City’s CenturyLink Center for the day long Bossier Parish high school graduation ceremonies. Amanda was there to do her usual magnificent and awesome job in both photographing and recording the events of the day for the Bossier Press-Tribune. I was there to assist in distributing our annual BPT graduation section.

I have always admired the Bossier Parish School Board’s plan (since Bossier City’s grand arena was built) of having all of the high school graduation ceremonies from around Bossier Parish on the same day and in one centralized location. That really makes sense.
Plain Dealing High School is the only parish school that does not participate – as they hold their own ceremony at their school on the night before the parishwide Saturday graduations for the remaining Bossier Parish schools. Amanda attended Plain Dealing’s Friday night graduation ceremony and she had some awesome experiences to share with me in regard to PDHS students receiving gracious scholarships, etc. How wonderful!!

Saturday was a truly awesome day on several fronts! First of all, some may call me crazy, but I have always enjoyed days such as this. I have never found graduation ceremonies to be boring. In fact, for me, quite the opposite. What a great feeling it is to see young people (high schoolers in this instance) celebrating their great achievement(s) as they receive their diplomas and begin the next chapter in their lives. Some graduates prepare to move on to college, some prepare for other advanced forms of training and learning and some prepare to enter the full time working world. And to see them with their families and celebrating after the graduation ceremony is a truly moving and emotional experience!

In between repeated rounds of distributing our special high school graduation section as the crowd came through the doors of the CenturyLink Center, I had five distinct opportunities to sneak in and observe the individual school graduation ceremonies. Wow! Was I impressed! I rermenber one moment in particular when the top graduates of Bossier High addressed their classmates from the platform. They were moved to tears with very emotional and obviously heartfet feelings as they spoke. Heck, before I knew it, I was getting emotional and teary eyed too!

I love graduation time! I always have and I always will! It is GREAT! Bossier Parish has some awesome students and I was so glad to be there for graduation last Saturday! Congratulations graduates!

Randy Brown is Publisher of the
Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at

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