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Opinion: Randy Brown – Our Moms make us

Our Moms make us…..

Last Father’s Day, I wrote a column titled “One For Dad.” Well, ever since that time, my mother has been asking me on frequent occasions “when are you going to write something about Moms?” My standard answer, of course “on Mother’s Day.”

Well, here we are. We celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday. Thus, I hope that ALL of you Moms in our readership audience had an AWESOME Mother’s Day and that you were able to spend some time with your children and families! And, I hope you children out there got to spend time with your Mom.

For some, maybe the distance was too far or maybe your mother is no longer here. In these situations, please know that your Mom is still with you (ALWAYS) and that the lessons she taught you will endure and last you for the rest of your life. And, you will pass these lessons along to your children and loved ones as well.

In view of the sentences above and knowing for almost a year now that I was going to write something for Mom on Mother’s Day, over the past weekend. I thought about how my mother has always been there for me.

You see, I have always felt quite fortunate to even be here (as my parents lost three other babies (the first was never born…and the other two lived just one day each…about four years apart). I am second in the mix and obviously, I am an only child. So, yes, I am blessed and fortunate to be here and as such, I have always had a special bond with my mother (and father too). I have always felt the need to be extra close and to do everything that I possibly can to honor my parents and to spend as much time with them as I possibly can.

For sure, none of us would be here without our mother (and our father too..for that matter). Over this past weekend, I started thinking about all of the times that my Mom has been there for me (as I stated above). Before I learned to drive, all of the music lessons that she drove me to, the football practices, the basketball practices and the short-lived baseball practices.

No, baseball was never my thing. I wanted to play really bad, but I was horrible at it. I always liked the cool unforms and caps though. A major life lesson that I still remember even today (about once a week) was the time that I “fibbed” about baseball practice being canceled because I wanted to go somewhere with some neighborhood girls who had asked me to accompany them shopping (or something of the sort). Well, I went with the girls and guess who just happened by the practice field and saw the team out there at practice???

Well, I will leave it to your imagination as to what happened next. Lets just say that I never forgot it! And, I NEVER did such a thing again!
Also, there was the time that St. Joseph Catholic Church asked a few of us from the Capt. Shreve High horn section (I played trombone) to play for their Christmas Eve midnight mass. At the time, I thought it was so cool to be able to stay out until 2:30am when I was just 16 years old. And, we got paid $25
each for it!

Well, I got up Christmas morning feeling great about Christmas (and richer too). When I told my parents about the experience and about getting paid for it, my Mom went into orbit. “You are not taking money from a church for a talent that God gave you to use.” So, on the next business day that the church was open, I called the church office and made arrangements for the return of the $25. Everything was going great until my Mom heard me tell them that “my mother is making me return the money.” Opppsss….. We played there again on several occasions, as well as for other churches over our high school careers. In the subsequent “gigs,” I got to keep the $25, but I had to tithe. Well, lesson learned again, Mom!

I often think back to all of the places that Mom would take me and all of the things that she would do for me. My Mom constantly had me in the car (or at least it seemed like it) as she did her daily errands, etc. So, at a very early age, I learned my way around Shreveport-Bossier. Though our metro area has changed immensely since then, the knowledge and shortcuts that I learned way back then from simply riding around with Mom still serve me well today!

When I was young, I used to spend quite a bit of time with the lady who kept the books for my Dad’s business. She and her entire family were like family to us. She had twin sons that were about 10 years older than me and they always took up a lot of time with me. In fact, they are largely responsible for me being into music and for my playing both guitar and drums. Anyway, I was staying with the family on one occasion and they got lost or turned around somewhere in Shreveport. And, at only 6 years old, I was able to get them to where they needed to go. Again, thanks Mom!
Mom also guided and nursed me through several injuries (most of them because of my own stupidity). Like the time I had been working on my dirt bike motorcycle and I simply couldn’t wait to see if the work I had done on my bike was actually successful. It had just rained and there I was on a paved wet street with dirt bike tires. Well, guess what happened? I was not even that far from home when the my motorcycle totally slipped out from underneath me. I had on cut-off jean shorts and my bare knees hit the pavement….and the hot exhaust pipe came to rest against my bare leg. Ouch!! It still hurts. And, I had to listen to plenty of “I told you so’s.” However, Mom got me through it!

I remember that my parents had promised to take me to see the original “Jaws” movie at the Quail Creek Cinema that Friday night. I was in terrible pain, but I sat there and watched happily as people were attacked by that huge shark. It was many years later that I saw the actual mechanical version while we were touring Universal Studios in Orlando. Oh, well. Back then, it looked totally real!

Mom nursed a very fair skinned son through several serious sunburns too! Let me say, thanks Mom! Thanks for everything! Nothing I could ever do for you is adequate enough!!

Randy Brown is Publisher of the
Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at


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