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Opinion: Sam Hanna, Jr. – Why they hate Trump

Why they hate Trump

Now that the Democratic and Republican national conventions are behind us, the presidential race hits the final stretch with election day just four months down the road.
Don’t expect an open and honest exchange between the two major candidates — Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump — over the future of the country because there won’t be one. Instead, we can expect no less than 120 days of hollering and screaming and lying and the mainstream media will play it up. Yet, the press showed its true colors long ago. Their pick is Clinton, and they’re proving day in and day out they’ll stop at nothing to help elect her.

Not in my lifetime have I seen press coverage so blatantly biased in favor of a particular candidate and her party. At the same time, I’ve never seen the media so aggressive in its opposition to a candidate who they obviously feel poses a threat to the natural order of things.

Which is exactly what Trump is all about. He’s the anti-establishment candidate who correctly labeled Clinton a crook, and he makes statements that don’t jive with this touchy, feely society that we live in today.

Furthermore, Trump’s mere presence in the race represents a threat to the status quo, in Democratic and Republican circles alike. Truth be known, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two major parties. One claims it wants play Robin Hood while the other projects it’s the party of free enterprise and personal responsibility. Both of them are guilty of putting the screws to working Americans in order to satisfy the super wealthy and the special interests that finance their campaigns.

Perhaps that helps explain why billionaires such as Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban and Michael Bloomberg are supporting Clinton. Perhaps it also helps explain why the Republican establishment has worked so hard and continues to work so hard to undermine Trump’s candidacy.

Granted, Trump is a phenomenon. He beat back a field of candidates that included at least three U.S. senators and a Bush to win the Republican nomination. Meanwhile, one former Republican president, George H.W. Bush, and his wife Barbara denounced him. They said he’s crude. What the Bushes really were saying is he’s not one of us — a blueblood.

Without a doubt, Trump is too bombastic if he hopes to win this race. In other words, he’s got to tone down the rhetoric and do all that’s necessary to avoid getting bogged down in useless exchanges such as the one with the Muslims who lost their son in combat more than a decade ago. It was a set-up and Trump took the bait.

Though Trump’s got to learn to play nice from time to time, his in-your-face demeanor, his brutal honesty in saying exactly what’s on his mind and his America first mantra is why he’s attracting support among traditional, blue-collar Democrats, particularly in Ohio and Pennsylvania. A Republican presidential candidate hasn’t carried Pennsylvania since 1988. George W. Bush is the last Republican to carry to Ohio. He did it by the skin of his teeth in 2004.

Yet, Trump is competitive in those two states today because of his opposition to trade agreements that have largely decimated manufacturing in America. In Pennsylvania and Ohio, in particular. Those two states, along with Florida, will decide this election, assuming Trump can hold on and win the traditional Republican leaning states that every Republican has carried, on and off, for more than three decades.

Then there’s Trump’s position on illegal immigration and terrorism. On both points, Trump is saying what a majority of the American people believe. But his positions are out of step with the aforementioned ruling class. Therefore, in their eyes, he’s a radical. A racist, to some.

Make no mistake. Very, very few candidates could survive the barrage of attacks Trump has endured since his campaign for the Republican nomination got traction. The intensity of the attacks has gotten 10 times worse in recent weeks. Remember, Trump isn’t running against Clinton alone. He’s running against the press, the political class and the super wealthy.
And they’re all on the same page and have one goal in mind: Stop Trump.

Sam Hanna is a state
political writer.

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