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Opinion: Time for Christians to wake up before it’s too late


Following comments made at the National Prayer Breakfast last Thursday, there has been an intensely renewed focus upon Christianity over the last few days. Most assuredly, God came to Earth and gave us the cross through Jesus, who was sent to die for our sins. Jesus was the only person to ever know no sin.

RandyTruly, as I heard said a few days ago, God came to die for our sins…not the other way around. We are not to die for God, or as a sacrifice to God, or kill others in the name of God or Christianity, as some religions believe. God, through Jesus, died for us. The well known Bible verse John 3:16 says it all.

So, when Christianity is called into question and statements made comparing it to other religions and other cultures throughout the world, and statements made that people have been killed or brutally murdered in the name of Christianity – or radical Christianity – we should not casually sit back and just take it. Clearly, enough is enough. It is time that we stand up for what we truly believe in this country.

Essentially, what principles were this country founded upon? True, America is a great melting pot and all people are welcomed, no matter from where they may be or what they believe. However, for many of our national leaders to totally and blatantly turn their back upon the religious principles and the belief in God in which this country was founded is totally unacceptable!

I have always believed and often said that Freedom of Religion means that our nation cannot tell us what religion we have to be or control what we think or say in terms of our religious beliefs, as has long been the case in many countries throughout the world.

As such, in my opinion, Freedom of Religion does not mean that religion is to be totally removed from anything and everything that is tied to the public domain within the United States. To me, the events of recent days are a call to action for all Christians and again, we should not stand for this!

God has richly blessed our United States of America for 238 years, in ways too numerous and too inexplicable to adequately describe. If this were not so, our country would have never risen or have come anywhere remotely close to the level of prosperity and prominence that we have all come to know. In some cases, it is now so easy for us all to take some of our nation’s prosperous blessings for granted. Our nation and its success wasn’t just a mere accident, just like our human existence is no accident of nature.

God has blessed our nation because of the principles upon which this country was founded. Our nation is great and our nation is mighty! And as a whole, our nation believes in God. We are not ashamed! So, it is time to wake up before it is too late!

Randy Brown is Publisher of the Bossier Press-Tribune. He can be reached at rbrown@bossierpress.com

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